Bringing Change into 2017

You may look at this picture of DAQRI Founder and CEO Brian Mullins and think, “What is he doing?

Brian making his L7 pledge for 2017 to bring positive change to the world.

He’s making his pledge for 2017, but let’s give you context.

When we created the DAQRI logo, we were looking for something that would be equally at home on the side of a spaceship, or found etched in ancient stone. We looked at ancient symbols and modern designs, but ultimately kept coming back to ancient runes. Specifically, the Celtic rune “Jera.”

The Norse actually spell it “AR.” As a company committed to bringing augmented reality (AR) everywhere, it couldn’t be a more perfect fit. We gave the rune a makeover for the 21st century and the rest is history (and the future…)

Jera translates to “year”…time itself. It also implies fruitfulness, inventiveness, or achievement of a goal.

So, as we turn the page on another year and start to look forward to the next, we want to call everyone to action. We’re doing this within the halls of DAQRI and hope that you will join us in bringing positive change to the world in the coming year.

What positive change, what achievement of a goal, is your hope for 2017?

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