Building the Worksite of the Future

Nov 15, 2016 · 3 min read

DAQRI, Mortenson, and Autodesk Team Up to Bring Augmented Reality to Hospital Construction Site

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A Mortenson worker experiences AR for the first time with DSH.

There is a reason we call industry leaders visionaries. They are capable of seeing things that others cannot and envisioning a brighter future. But what if you could be a visionary? We here at DAQRI believe that with AR, you can.

Architecture and construction have experienced a revolution over the last two decades. Where there were once blueprints, you might now find the latest smart tablets and fastest broadband internet connection. But implementing visual designs out in the field is a complex task. Though there has been some previous success in visualizing 3D models with tablet applications that superimpose virtual models over 2D plans, we took that to the next level. Mortenson, a leader in the world of construction, and Autodesk’s revolutionary BIM360 cloud service and software, combined with DAQRI Smart Helmet, have successfully delivered augmented designs to the worksite. Workers can now bring their plans to life.

What does this mean?

This means that any AR enabled worker (via DAQRI Smart Helmet) can quite literally see the future — what will be built, what will be installed, and the various layers of the yet-to-be completed structure around them — at the most complex stage of their project, in real-time. This insight will assist in aligning communication and coordination, simplifying the coronation effort, and putting issues into context.

Does it really work?

In early November, we headed over to Minneapolis, Minnesota to set foot on the grounds that will one day be home to newest clinic and speciality center of the Hennepin County Medical Center, located adjacent to the existing HCMC. HCMC, a Level 1 trauma center, is a coveted name in the Minneapolis area due to its recognized trauma surgery specialists, transplant services, stroke specialists, advanced endoscopy/hepatobiliary center, and hyperbaric oxygen chamber. As one of the largest projects that HCMC and Mortensen have undertaken, DAQRI is excited to offer our services to help get the job done safely and efficiently.

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HCMC Specialty Center

With DAQRI Smart Helmet (DSH), Mortenson employees were able to get a glimpse into the future. Workers viewed augmented models, checked for quality assurance and control, and were able to see clearly any situation that fell within the walls, answering a lot of questions and issues that they might typically have while on the job.

See for yourself.

Ultimately, it takes a lot of people to complete construction of a building, from structural support to duct work, from electrical to plumbing. Until now, everyone had a clear view of their piece of the puzzle, but DAQRI Smart Helmet integrates the information into one unified view, to see aspects of a building before they’re built. To quite literally, see the future.

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