Zouheir Guedri, CEO and Founder of Data&Data featured as one of ‘The Top 10 Most Influential Analytics Leaders of the Year 2020’ in Analytics Insight Magazine

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Zouheir Guedri featured in the list of The 10 Most Influential Analytics Leaders of the Yearby Analytics Insight Magazine in its February issue

Data&Data is a startup that builds artificial intelligence solutions for the luxury fashion and cosmetics industry. The company provides bespoke solutions to high-end designers for gaining insights and acquiring intelligence about their products sold online in the global market. It gives access to recent dynamics and trends of the market which had not yet been explored fully by the brands. This helps leading luxury players to supplement strong data-driven decisions by shaping their pricing, distribution and marketing strategies, while gaining a competitive advantage by doing so. Data&Data is part of the Microsoft AI Factory at Station F (the largest startup incubator in the world), located in Paris, France. The company also operates from its office in Bangalore, India.

Data&Data helps companies answer their most critical questions, transforming complex data into actionable and repeatable analytical technology solutions. The company’s data science team is also available on a consulting basis to collaborate with these companies on the tools and statistical techniques that will optimize their data ingestion and analytical strategy. Data&Data also follows through with implementation.

Leadership with Extensive Experience

Zouheir Guedri, who serves as the Founder and CEO at Data&Data, possesses over 20 years of experience in providing advisory services in the areas of big data, data management, and information systems. He has extensive experience in the fields of data science, analytics, business intelligence, data governance, data architecture, data analysis, applications, and operations reviews including business process analysis.

Earlier in his career, Zouheir joined PwC in 2003 and led the Data Management practice in France for 10 years. Prior to joining PwC, he worked for “Invest in France Agency” (IFA) in Los Angeles, California, as a Business Analyst in 1999 and for Ernst & Young Audit in Paris in the Technology and Security Risk Services department.

Zouheir is the co-author and contributor of several books on the subject of research and detection of fraud using data analysis techniques. Furthermore, he teaches at some of the top-notch universities and schools in France.

Empowering Industry with Collaborative Intelligence

Data&Data is positioned to be a leader in the analytics industry. They build advanced algorithms to process big data structures, that ultimately provides actionable meaning to the data, by leveraging various data streams and modern data science techiniques. The company deploys data visualization tools that enable executives to visualize and comprehend insights easily. Access to this exclusive market intelligence helps brands to address their biggest challenges and explore boundless opportunities. Brands have previously been doing this by manual research or simple, limited techniques. Now they can put the power of collaborative intelligence, humans and AI to work.

Prioritizing Continuous Learning and Agile Approaches

While describing the past experiences, challenges, and lessons that shaped his journey as a leader, Zouheir says “There are many- as an entrepreneur you are always learning and uncovering new challenges. These range from understanding your clients’ needs, to learning new technologies and practices, and to growing a high performing team.” Data&Data went through different permutations through its early years — it takes time to effectively craft and build a team that is able to deliver effective results. Over the years, Zouheir learned the importance of prioritizing continuous learning and the willingness to change perspectives and be flexible in one’s approach.

Rising Above Challenges Through Supportive Partnerships

Artificial Intelligence is changing the business world, but change takes time. Initially, organizations weren’t prepared for the required modifications or weren’t completely confident about using this potentially disruptive and advanced technology. They didn’t know or see the full potential of involving A.I. in their business.

Today, despite these challenges, organizations are finding the right people with the same vision and are nurturing this new talent. Zouheir said, “Data&Data is thankful to the support it has received from its partners and advisory, who supported the company in all possible ways to overcome the big challenges with its clients who believed in it and its solution. The very same clients who were hesitant in the beginning now see A.I. as an opportunity for bringing market insights and using the data in several departments of the company.”

The Vitality of a Proactive Leadership

According to Zouheir, having risk appetite and risk tolerance are some of the most significant attributes that every innovative leader should possess. Per Zouheir, “As a leader, it is important to be able to pull together a great team to enact the vision. Moreover, the leader must have the willingness to proactively search for external technologies and ideas and be able to fully embrace them.”

Driving Synergic Innovation with Clients

Innovating products and services through a transformative journey is not effortless. It takes a lot of conviction and patience, along with customer-centric insights and psychological knowledge to drive innovation across the product line of an organization. Zouheir believes that it is very important to stay really close to the clients and customers, especially in the early stages of product development and design. This helps to streamline the process and avoid developing unnecessary features. Data&Data was initially inspired by customers, who approached the company and inquired if solutions could be realized by leveraging Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. The relationship between Data&Data as a company and its clients’ happiness go hand in hand.

Envisioning the Prosperity of the Analytics Industry

In past years, data analytics has seen a shift in the industry, which has moved beyond supporting new business models and operational effectiveness in order to shape business productivity. The volume of available data has grown exponentially. Additionally, more sophisticated algorithms have been developed, and computational power and storage has steadily improved. According to Zouheir, “the analytics industry is likely to grow incessantly beyond what one can even imagine at the moment. The industry is still discovering the depths of the insights and patterns that are available with the advancement of big data and AI. The analytics industry has come a long way in the past decade, and it will be exciting to see this growth continue in the years to come.”

An Advice to Develop Cooperative Culture

It is wise to “nurture your clients, your team, and yourself,” says Zouheir. He further suggests that budding leaders need not hesitate to reach out for mentorship/business partners if needed. During initial phases, every company faces some obstacles which simply cannot be anticipated. Therefore, according to him, advancing with a foresight and actively involving business partners and mentors helps the business to move forward confidently and face these upcoming challenges.

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Data&Data was founded on the vision to help high end designer brands to preserve their brand value by leveraging Artificial Intelligence. Data&Data is headquartered in the homeland of luxury, Paris, and incubated by the Microsoft AI Factory at STATION F. There are a wide range of situations and issues that our team can assist you with.

Let’s get in touch, write us at communications@data-and-data.com

Zouheir Guedri, CEO at Data&Data
Swati Thakur, Marketing Manager at Data&Data


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