CNA week 9: Sports News

Billionaires are buying sports teams for different reasons than they used to

Billionaires have always invested in sports teams, but recently the motivation behind these investments has changed. It used to be that owning a sports team was purely to boost the ego of whomever it was that owned the team. Now it seems that owning a sports team is more of a community investment allowing the investor to grow a connection to the people in and around that team.

Sources: ESPN heading for more painful layoffs

ESPN a staple for sporting news and game day coverage seems to be having a rough go of it as of late, and will be having yet another round of cutbacks. It is expected that these cutbacks will involve many lay offs both behind and in front of the cameras. It doesn’t help that the network has seemingly shot itself in the foot through the re-appearance of Jemele Hill after her two week suspension.

Seven of nine suspended Gators offered pre-trial diversion

Of the nine Florida State players suspended and charged with felonies, seven have been offered pre-trial interventions. If the players follow the guidelines of these plans all charges will be removed. The felonies ranged from stealing credit card info, to using stolen credit cards to purchase various items.

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