Workbook Ch 6: Question #20

A — Tragedy strikes, at 4:30 p.m. on Monday four people were involved in a car accident on the corner of Ninth and Elm streets, which killed a middle-aged man and his wife, and heavily injured two others.

The victims were identified as James Westhaver, age 55, and his wife Martha Westhaver, age 60. You may recognize these names as James is the president of Merchants National Bank, the largest bank in Springfield, and Martha hosted a talk show on the KTGG. Mr. Westhaver had worked at the bank for 33 years. He was also fortunate enough to be elected chairman of the United Way this year, as well as treasurer of the Chamber of Commerce. Their deaths will be mourned throughout the community.

Two others were injured in the accident, James West, age 43 and Samuel Blackwater, age 32. Witnesses told police the two were heading south on Ninth Street when they blew a red light and sideswiped the Westhaver’s car. West received a broken leg and possible concussion. Meanwhile, Blackwater was not so lucky, he suffered two broken arms and a broken nose from the wreck. Both West and Blackwater are city employees at the Parks and Recreation department.

West has been ticketed for careless and imprudent driving, but Prosecuting Attorney James Taylor emphasized a need for further investigation before any charges for involuntary manslaughter could be brought against him. Blackwater will have no charges brought against him though he was in the passenger seat of the car at the time of the accident.

B — Monday at 4:30 p.m. a brutal car accident left two dead and two heavily injured on the corner of Ninth and Elm streets.

The victims of this unfortunate accident were James, age 55, and Martha, age 60, Westhaver. James was president of Merchants National Bank, where he had been employed for the last 33 years, and Martha is well known for her talk show on KTGG.

Witnesses told police that James West and Samuel Blackwater were driving south on Ninth Street, when they ran a red light and hit the Westhaver’s car broadside.

Currently West is only being charged with careless and imprudent driving. Prosecuting Attorney James Taylor emphasized that there would need to be a further investigation before any more charges could be brought against West.