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DAppNode and Constantinople Postponement

Need help about updating your Parity node in DAppNode? Continue reading!!

After the decision of postponing Constantinople, DAppNode users, and in general Ethereum node maintainers have gone through an “ update your clients ” race from Byzantium to Constantinople, and then Constantinople postponement compatible implementations.

If this might have caused any confusion to DAppNode users, we want to inform about the status of the last ETHCHAIN package versions and about actions to take when needed.

Do not worry!! It is gonna be easy…

To check what ETHCHAIN version you have go to the System tab.

If you can’t access the admin UI just execute the restore command detailed below.

Please follow this table to check what to do with your “proudly hosted in DAppNode” node:

Hints for users with 0.1.12 :

Be aware of the next release of ETHCHAIN expected for block 7.28 MM (around 27th Feb) and simply update your ETHCHAIN by clicking the update button that will appear on your Admin UI .When the new version based on the latest stable Parity release is available in DappNode, you will see a notification when accessing your DAppNode UI.

Hint for users with 0.1.11:

Summarising it in three words: Update, Update, Update!!

Your node is currently following a dead chain… but do not worry , as a DAppNode user it will be very easy for you to fix it and come back to the correct chain.

If you do not see an Update button in your user interface to do it, you can do it by going opening your server command line and running the following command.

“ sudo wget -O — | sudo UPDATE=true bash “

This will restore your DAppNode to the latest versions but you will not have to sync any chain again…

We recommend this option as it will also update any other core package updated after the last time you made an update in your DAppNode. Still, if you do not want or do not know how to update it through the terminal, you can also do it by accessing this link connected to your DAppNode. Do not forget to check the option “BYPASS CORE RESTRICTIONS”

It will take you to the installer screen where you just can hit install and get ETHCHAIN 0.1.12 with Parity 2.2.7 stable.

If you prefer to install Parity 2.3.0 beta rather than 2.2.7 stable just hit this link instead and also check “BYPASS CORE RESTRICTIONS”.

Note that these options will only update the ETHCHAIN package what is perfectly fine.

Hint for users with 0.1.10 and older versions:

There is a beautiful UPDATE button waiting for you in your Admin UI. If you do not see it, you can always update following the instructions given to users with the 0.1.11 version above.

And you will always find us happy to help and support the amazing DAppNode community in our way to infrastructure decentralisation!!!!

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