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The Patriots schedule this season is a red herring. Is this a great defense? Maybe, or maybe it is just really good. Either way this is a great team. Since the “on to Cincinnati” game in 2014 the Patriots have a 35–2 record when playing healthy. This includes 13–1 the rest of 2014, 9–0 to start 2015, and 13–1 since Brady’s return this season. (It excludes a 4–5 stretch to end 2015 when they sustained massive injuries — they still went to the AFC Championship and lost by two points.) To recap, one Super Bowl, one AFC championship loss, and another Super Bowl appearance. 35–2! This doesn’t mean they can’t lose, but to pretend that there is one game that can expose any unit of this team is disingenuous. Or you’re just not looking hard enough.

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