What maturity really is

Maturity isn’t what people tell you it is. It isn’t what your parents told you and it isn’t what your peers tell you.

Maturity isn’t your salary. It isn’t your (trouser) suit, and it isn’t the title on your business cards.

Maturity isn’t your mortgage. It isn’t your glassware, and it isn’t moving into the up and coming area of a capital city.

Maturity isn’t opera tickets. It isn’t knowing your wines, and it isn’t that time you went to a Michelin starred resturant.

Maturity isn’t your marriage. It isn’t being a parent and it isn’t telling your kids to go on the naughty step.

Maturity is not the number of years you’ve been alive.

Maturity is being honest, even when that’s difficult. It’s being completely honest with yourself about what you’ve done, and what you really feel and why.

Maturity is admitting mistakes, to yourself and others. And it’s knowing it’s ok to ask for help.

Maturity is being able to empathise, even with our polar opposites. It’s knowing every other person can be as complex and vunerable as you.

Maturity is realising we are exactly as significant and exactly as insignificant as every other human.

Maturity is realising that other people’s opinions and feelings towards you are not what create your self worth. You define what you think is valuable and a good life to live, and you try to live it.

Maturity is realising that simply being alive isn’t progress. It’s knowing that progress is reflecting on your experiences and then consciously incorporating what you’ve learnt into your life.

Maturity is knowing that self-understanding is a never-ending process. That there are no fixes, just continuous discovery.

Maturity is acceptance. It’s accepting this moment you’re in right now, and learning to enjoy it. It’s accepting yourself, and learning to love that person.

Maturity is taking responsibility for your own happiness.

A thank you to those people who shared their thoughts on the words — it’s always welcome. A big thank you to those people who helped me learn all of the above.