2017 Review — Beating the Scott Adams Bar

As with most people who make predictions, my 2017 outlook was correct on a few things and not so correct on others. Based on the criteria set up by Scott Adams it looks like I can safely keep talking about politics in public without having to be totally hypocritical.

I was right on the Supreme Court pick, how simply enforcing our immigration laws would significantly slow illegal immigration, trade policies, how the Obamacare fight would be so important to the establishment (but not that the establishment would be winning until the new tax bill was signed), the destruction of ISIS, White House press briefings, Christianity and on the speed of how President Trump moved his ideas would be extremely upsetting to the establishment.

What I missed was my prediction of assassination attempts on Trump — although there were numerous calls for it from many people including Kathy Griffin holding a severed Trump head, the government shutdowns, China being named a currency manipulator, submission of an infrastructure plan, the pushback from the Federal Reserve, better relations with Russia, and the recalculation of the unemployment rates.

The rest of the predictions not mentioned are still uncertain as to which way they will go.

I did not foresee what an impediment the entire Russia, Russia, Russia investigation fiasco would be to delaying Trump from acting on a number of initiatives (like infrastructure). Additionally, I did not anticipate the arm’s length approach the Republican establishment would give him even when what Trump wanted is what they wanted (like the repeal of Obamacare). More importantly, I did not appreciate how these two issues were so intertwined.

It is this newfound appreciation for the connection between the numerous, seemingly never ending, Russia investigations and the Republican establishment that drove the political narrative in 2017. Now, as Rush Limbaugh states, the Swamp Republicans have finally come to the conclusion that the “Trump-Russia Collusion charge is bogus.”

This is tremendously important to understand. Prior to this realization, the Republican establishment expected terrible things to happen to Trump because of the investigations since they just knew something had to be wrong because of all the investigations. The establishment’s faith is in the DC establishment. It has taken over a year for them to see that the accusations are bunk and that the many of the FBI/Intelligence Community’s high ranking are corrupt. I am sure that the upcoming Inspector General’s report has been leaked sufficiently to give the Swamp Republicans the cover they need.

I also did not foresee the spectacular downfalls of liberal icons via sexual harassment and or abuse accusations. Imagine if someone had told you that over 100 Hollywood big wigs (with Harvey Weinstein being the biggest), dozens of Mainstream Media people (including Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose), one Senator (Franken) and 3 Congressmen (including John Conyers who has been in the House for 52 years) would be out on the street in less than 3 months? You would have never believed them.

Which leads me to a yuge question that few have asked and no one has answered: how did this all happen so quickly and on such a large scale? It’s almost as if someone “dropped the dime” on a lot of these folks. I have my thoughts on who that may be.

My predictions for 2018 will be out shortly!