2nd Hillary-Trump Debate

Short take on tonight’s debate:

- Hillary lost big time. She was defensive, stuttering and weak.

- Trump neutralized the sex tape by brilliantly bringing Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones, and Ms. Shelton out not only for the press conference but to the debate. Smart!

- Trump was also contrite enough without pandering in his apology. He also did not dwell on it which was very smart.

- Trump had the memorable lines from the debate. From the Abe Lincoln line to the “You’d be in jail” line he had Reaganesque moments.

- Trump saying he’d ask for a special prosecutor to be appointed to look into Hillary’s situation is YUGE! People will appreciate this. Finally, a Clinton might be held responsible for the wrongs they’ve done.

- Trump got to his issues — Repealing Obamacare, the Middle East, Terrorism and he even touched on border security. None of which Hillary had a good retort for.

This debate will shift momentum back to Trump big time. Hillary’s veneer cracked in a major way tonight. It was not broken totally but she has set herself up for the third debate to be her downfall.

Because she lost so badly, expect the October surprise that was supposed to come out later (whatever it is) to come out much sooner; probably by the end of this week if the polls start moving as much as I expect them to.