Draining the Swamp

The mission you have accepted, President Trump, is to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C. It is a cesspool of vested interests that has evolved into a leviathan of Biblical proportions. It consists of overlapping agencies with redundant and contradictory regulations manned by an army of bureaucrats backed by a sea of lawyers all supported by a web of lobbyists cheered on by the elite media. Indeed, the DC swamp has become a culture unto itself that is almost unidentifiable as American when compared to the rest of the country.

There is no question that the swamp needs to be drained in order for America to prosper. When a bureaucracy expands to the point that ours has, it becomes a self perpetuating “thing” that will protect itself at all costs — including the well being of the rest of the country.

Congress could cut funding to starve the beast or reign in the powers of bureaucrats to judge Americans without due process in the courts (as the EPA and OSHA do on a consistent basis) but the chance of the legislative branch bucking the swamp is miniscule.

Unfortunately, draining the swamp must start with the Executive branch and this is possible since all the Cabinet positions are under Executive Branch control.

The answer is to diffuse the government.

Thirty, fifty or a hundred years ago, there was every reason to have all the different agencies residing in Washington, DC. in order to coordinate their activities. However, with the advances in communication and technology, there is almost no reason to keep all the different agencies in DC.

And you, President Trump, can do this very easily. Just order the cabinet secretaries to move their departments to another city.

Move the Department of Agriculture to Kansas City, MO.

Move the Department of Transportation to Detroit, MI.

Move the Department of Energy to Houston, TX.

Move the EPA to Elizabethtown, PA (next to Three Mile Island nuclear power plant).

It really does not matter where the various agencies go, as long as they are out of DC.

Move the Department of Justice to Selma, AL.

Move the Department of Treasury to Philadelphia, PA (they have a fine mint there).

The idea is to break up the culture of DC by moving the people who conduct the business of government away from each other.

This does not mean that the business of government cannot get done. On the contrary, the advances in technology and communications allow for dispersed work places. Any coordination among the departments that is necessary can be handled by liaison officers assigned as needed.

The advantages are numerous. Once the onetime costs for the move are paid for, the savings from lower rent and wages in places outside of DC will become apparent. With the various agencies away from the epicenter of DC, lobbyists and lawyers will have to spread out and lose some of their power.

Most importantly, the agencies who try to control so many aspects of the lives of their fellow Americans will be forced to live among the people rather than viewing them from the bubble that is Washington.

Move the Department of Education to Little Rock, AR.

Move the Department of Homeland Security to Laredo, TX (right on the Mexican border).

There are two agencies that cannot be moved. The State Department has to stay since they are responsible for all the foreign diplomats that interact with America in its capital. The Defense Department also must stay since the Pentagon is far more of an installation and operation than just what is seen above ground.

But move everyone else.

Move the Council on Economic Advisors to Pittsburgh, PA.

Move the Department of Veterans Affairs to Phoenix, AZ.

Move the Small Business Administration to Louisville, KY.

These moves do not require Congressional approval. Indeed, how many Senators and Representatives would love to “bring home the bacon” by bringing to their state an entire federal agency? Think of the chance to wheel and deal on all these possibilities! Mr. President, as a lifelong dealmaker and salesman, this is tailor-made for you.

Moving these agencies out of DC is truly draining the swamp both literally and figuratively. Only an outsider like you can do this, Mr. President. Go for it!