How Can You Support Trump?

My friend is confused about why I support President Trump:

“What I am surprised about is you like his style Dale. This guy is so morally inferior to you it’s beyond belief. He’s had THREE wives — always trading for a younger model. He’s obviously cheating on whatever wife he does have. He is clearly dishonest. He was a draft dodger. He’s impulsive and frankly doesn’t appear particularly bright. He hired a cabinet and then mostly fired them — and quickly. He’s about as far from being a Christian in his lifestyle as it’s possible to be — and you seem OK with that. I can’t for the life of me figure out why.”

The issues in the above statement can be lumped into two categories and I will answer each in turn:

- How can a professed Christian support a reprobate like Trump?

The simple answer is that I wasn’t electing an alter boy. I was electing a proven businessman who is not afraid to take the heat necessary to fight the entrenched swamp in DC. He proved his mettle to me over the course of his campaign. He showed he was not going to back down when any other politician would have wilted from the criticism and attacks he received.

In addition, Trump promised to protect and promote those things that are extremely important to me as a Christian. He promised to appoint originalist Supreme Court Justices and lower court judges — which he has done. He promised to be pro-life in his actions as president — which he has done. He promised to keep God in focus during his administration — which he has done.

There were many other people who have talked a better game for Christians over the past 30 years but none who have performed better. Trump the reprobate is doing more for Christianity than all of them combined — and then some.

- Trump is dumb, a liar, impulsive and totally unfit for being President.

Here we have true cognitive dissonance. For those unaware of the term, cognitive dissonance is the state of simultaneously holding two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. If you say you love your wife and yet continuously cheat on her then you are experiencing cognitive dissonance.

If we say that Trump is truly dumb then we should expect to see dumb results. However, what we see is that Donald Trump, the non-politician, beat 15 seasoned GOP politicians (plus two other non-politicians Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson) with very little money spent and an extremely small staff. You can argue that he got a lot of free air time — but that only argues against him being dumb!

Then Trump defeats an opponent that on the day of the election was given a 93% chance of winning by the New York Times. He did so by spending far less money and with a far smaller staff.

What is it that businesses want from their operations? Oh yeah — to come in under budget and to beat expectations. Seems like Trump accomplished that, no? If he were truly dumb then he would not have succeeded.

If Trump were unhinged in his dealings as president then we should expect to see unhinged results from his actions. So far there are none. Sure, there has been a lot of people with their hair on fire every time Trump tweets. These same people were aghast that he insulted and threatened North Korea, started so called trade wars, insulted our allies, railed against the Republican leadership in Congress, etc, etc, etc.

Yet in each of these situations we are in a better position today than we were before. North Korea is now an opportunity for peace rather than a rogue regime lobbing missiles. All the “insults” Trump made against Mexico have resulted in a trade deal that the outgoing president says is a wonderful deal for his country. Trump may have insulted our allies if you listen to his detractors but contributions to NATO have increased beyond anyone’s expectations. Trump’s rantings against his party have resulted in the largest tax cuts in history, opening ANWAR, more judges approved than any other administration (up to this point), prison reform (imagine that — Republicans pushed through prison reform!!!) and a VA bill that allows real reform to begin at that troubled organization.

I’m not even talking about the tremendous reductions in regulations that were strangling businesses, record low unemployment, huge increases in manufacturing jobs, moving the embassy to Jerusalem (with scant Arab opposition), getting us out of TPP, out of the Iran Deal, out of the Paris Climate Accord and eliminating Net Neutrality.

And the sky hasn’t fallen!

The economy is rocking and rolling. The mood of the country (aside from the Trump haters) is higher than it has been in years. Best of all — we do not have any new wars!

You may not “like” what Trump has done or the way he has done it but the results show that he has been extremely successful at what he (and I) wanted accomplished.

What I have described is not a dumb or unhinged person. If anyone looks at his accomplishments and still thinks that of Trump they are suffering from cognitive dissonance.

PS. My friend mentions a “fact” that Trump “hired a cabinet and then mostly fired them — and quickly”. I will give my friend the benefit of the doubt as he lives in Thailand but the truth is that of the 22 cabinet positions in our government only 4 have been fired. Tillerson at State, Pruitt at the EPA, Shulkin at the VA and Price at HHS. General Kelly moved from DHS to Chief of Staff when Trump let Priebus go but Priebus was not part of the cabinet. Pompeo moved from CIA to State to replace Tillerson and was replaced by Haspel. I would say that these staff actions are not too out of the ordinary for any administration in its first 2 years.