The October 21st Cyber Attacks

Today’s cyber attacks should show everyone how vulnerable our society and way of life is to this threat. Please take precautions. Here are a few suggestions:

- Have cash available in a safe that is fire proof. It should be a fairly substantial amount (more than $1,000 if possible). This does have risks (one of which is that if it is lost in a fire or stolen your homeowners insurance will cover only about $200) but if the internet goes down and all your money is in the bank then you basically have none. ATMs won’t work and banks only have a small portion of the all the deposits of their customers at their branches.

- Have some physical gold and silver coins — not bullion (bars or ingots). When all else fails gold and silver will always be money to people. Coins are the easiest way to prove to people that what you have is actually gold or silver. Pre-1964 silver half dollars, quarters and dimes are excellent for this as they are 90% silver and easy to get and store. If you can, you should have 10% of your invested assets in physical gold or silver coins — and by physical I mean at your easy reach not stored for you by some bank in New York City or Fort Knox.

- Ensure you have water in the house. One great way to easily do this is to use empty 2 liter soda bottles. Rinse them out and fill them with tap water. They are easy to store (under beds, the back of closets, etc.) and sturdy. Don’t wait to get to the store to buy some when the crap hits the fan, everyone else will be trying to do the same thing it could be dangerous as people panic. Try to store 10–20 gallons per person if you can.

- Have food in the pantry. Our parents or grandparents who grew up through the Great Depression always had a well stocked pantry but we are spoiled today. We need to rediscover the logic of being prepared for bad times. Tuna fish, canned meats, canned vegetables, canned fruit, spaghetti, powdered milk all may not sound that appetizing but they all have 1–3 year shelf life and can be easily fixed by even the worst cook. You don’t have to go “crazy” and get Prepper food that lasts 25 years unless you really want to. The idea is to have enough to get through 2–3 weeks until the smoke of the crisis clears and you can deal with what’s going on more clearly.

- If you have a gas grill, get an extra jug of propane so you can always cook if the electricity fails.

- Ensure you have as much of your medicine on hand that you can legally have. One of the great tragedies in Venezuela right now is that those people who are medically dependent are not able to get their medications due to the chaos in that country. Make sure you keep as large a stock on hand as you can and ROTATE it (use the oldest and store the newest). This also applies for over the counter items like aspirin, cold medications, bandages, first aid creme, etc.

- Get flashlights, batteries, battery operated radios etc. If this sounds like you’re preparing for a hurricane or tornado you are correct. Losing the internet for even a day or two will be like the whole world was hit with a hurricane all at once.

- I do not agree with their theology at all, but the Mormons have tons of great ideas for survival.

Speaking of theology, the absolutely best thing to have with you is a Bible. God’s word is life, hope and peace through any tribulation we may face. No matter how bad things may be, you will find examples of how Godly men and women overcame and persevered those trials in that wonderful book. It will inspire you.

Please don’t put this off. Today’s cyber attacks are a wake up call. Don’t ignore them.