Willpower itself is not the solution, we must erect automatic, high-friction walls to provide breathing room for our slower, rational-brains to work their magic, and automate proper decision making, removing as many opportunities for failure as we can.
Monsters from the Id
❖ Aaron White

This is good stuff Aaron, and I think that this line in particular contains so many potential breakout points. The idea of leveraging various technologies to keep the id at bay is a great one, and there are almost too many products to name that can potentially help in doing so.

One thing that I think is a challenge is creating the right filters. For example, let’s say that I want to avoid all Medium articles, in addition to social media. Then I would have missed this thought provoking essay (as well as a few others).

The biggest difficulty to keeping the id under control is using time, technology, philosophy proactively and not passively.

I would love to know what you (or anyone) think(s) are best tools to filter out the noise.