The Politics of Initiation — A Review of The Forbidden Book

“In many respects, the Oral Torah is more important than the Written Torah.”

Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan (z’l)

“The Bible itself is filled with hidden references to alchemical processes. The passion of Jesus Christ is a well known model for the destructive distillation of Lead Acetate. Genesis & The Book of Revelation hold explicit keys to our art.”

- Hans Nintzel

“Sight and hearing are only secondary gateways through which the “hunter of souls” (animarum venator), the magician, can introduce “chains” and lures (De vinculis in genere, III, p. 669). The main entrance (porta et praecipuus aditus) for all magic processes is phantasy (De Magia, III, p. 452), the only gateway (sola porta) for internal mental states and the “chain of chains” (vinculum vinculorum) (ibid, p. 453). The power of the imaginary is increased by intervention of the cogitative faculty: that is the thing that is capable of subjugating the soul (ibid.). Therefore the “chain has to pass through phantasy, for “there is nothing in the intellect that was not previously perceived by the senses (quod prius non fuerit in sensu), and there is nothing which, coming from the senses, can reach the intellect without the intermediary of phantasy”

- Giordano Bruno, trans. Ioan Couliano — De Magia, XLIII, vol. III, p. 48

“Beyond the novelistic tale, this is a book that can (and should) be read at progressively deeper and more occult levels; it has multiple layers of meaning and contains profound insights into the ancient and enduring perennial philosophy.”

- Robert Schoch, Review of The Forbidden Book, Paranthropology Journal Vol. 3, №2



Editor-in-Chief, Threshold: Journal of Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies | Essays from the margins of a shifting world

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