Let’s take a brief moment to step outside of any speculations of motive and untoward manipulation or even the reality of the phenomenon itself and let’s get down to what really matters for most folks when we’re talking about anomalous experiences:

How much $MONEY$ can we make on this stuff if we figure it out?

While dollar signs might not spark that idealistic urge to leap into utopian dreams and unknown futures, they do drive research and development efforts and are a hearty incentive for mainstream organizations to start to take a more serious look. Without a clear opportunity for…

This is an updated version of an article/review originally published by Eris Magazine in 2016 using reformatted text taken from a Facebook post:

“While no certainty exists that Santa Muerte-inspired, much less ritualistic, killings will spread within the United States, recent trends suggest that they will occur at least sporadically. For U.S. law enforcement officers, it proves far better to be prepared and vigilant than caught off guard.

The latest variant of the Cult of Santa Muerte promotes extreme, corrupt, and criminal — even evil — behaviors. Law enforcement agencies need to provide a balanced, yet vigilant, response.

The rise…

My good friend from Sulphur Springs, Texas — Hank Vine is in Ecatepec — sub-metro Mexico DF — he writes:

Penche camiones —

The hybridization of taxi and micro-bus. There are countless ways to face unexpected danger at any given moment here, one in particular is the transit trucks, they are a hail as needed service.

Meaning there is a constant flow of people coming and going, on and off, businessmen, grandmothers, goth punk kids, and a steady flow of folks selling candy or ice cream or whatever.

It is a hard sell, they shove it in your hands as…

In those days it was common to bury people at night and by torchlight: and it was noticed that whenever a funeral was toward, John Poole was always at his window, either on the ground floor or upstairs, according as he could get the better view from one or the other …

There came a night when an old woman was to be buried. She was fairly well to do, but she was not liked in the place. …

It’s been a strange opening to the Spring season spent thinking about questions that Diana Pasulka (UNC Wilmington) and Jeffrey Kripal (Rice University) will tackle today at the Ohio State University Center for the Study of Religion’s 4th Symposium on Religion, Narrative, and Media — Taking the UFO Phenomenon Seriously, that is, Religiously

According to the synopsis of Pasulka’s upcoming book, American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology — more than half of adults and more than 75% of young Americans believe in intelligent extraterrestrial life — a level rivaling belief in God!

What happens (is happening) to world religions and deeply…

The Milky Way seen from the mountains of Northern California/Lewiston Lake (Photo: Ben Chasny/6 Organs of Admittance)

“From a solid base of scholarship Dr. Pasulka introduces us to the players at the frontier of biological and physical research to pose some age-old questions in new ways: Can the human spirit transcend space/time? How will religious traditions be reframed when they collide with the long-suppressed evidence of non-human consciousness in our environment?

Her sharp insight is drawn from her research into spiritual phenomena, updated by her travels from the UFO crash sites of New Mexico to the archives of the Vatican.

The result is a timely introduction to the revelations in our collective future.”

— Jacques Vallee, author…

It is an egregious, unavoidable fact that much of the material evidence for unexplained experience is the result of easily explained technical glitches, intentionally or unintentionally invoked. Apparitional double exposures, pollen produced orbs, apophenial faces, and other replicable effects mar the minds of seekers and skeptics confronted with photographs and other forms of ostensibly objective proof said to contain traces of some transcendent order of nature.

There is a wonderful episode of The Midnight Archive, the award winning documentary series from film maker Ronni Thomas, featuring an interview with photographer Shannon Taggart who takes this fact as given. Taggart’s work…

“…What I desire to dwell upon is the fact that adeptship in the real esoteric science of India does not presuppose great learning or intellectual superiority on the part of the initiate.”

- From The Book of Hindu, Ceremonial and Talismanic Magic, by L.W. de Laurence (The De Laurence Company, 1914)

Generalized psychic and metaphysical services are a mainstay in the Craigslist classified ads. Presenting an image reminiscent of the psychic hotlines that were promoted in commercials and infomercials during the 1980’s and 90’s the bulk of these advertisements offer daily flat line options for those seeking assistance from beyond…

Lexington, GA — Photo: Dominique Joyner

The following is a selection of items gathered from the outer edges of contemporary culture. These curated flowers of human experience represent areas that are often unseen or passed over by those who stick to the main roads of the vast American continent — but I think you will find that if you approach them with an open mind they provide a deeper understanding of the joy that can be found in ‘liminal analytics,’ a term used to describe the fine art of exploring the ‘unattended, invisible, and overlooked.’

Erase from your mind history channel dramatizations, inept experts parading through…

Foi o diabo quem mandou”, roughly translated this means something to the effect of “It was the devil who sent me” or more accurately, “It was the devil who ordered it.”* It’s one of the only reported statements from Leonarda Ferreira Paixão, a 42 year old woman arrested on May 10th, 2013 in relation to a puzzling series of crudely wrapped skulls found placed in various locations throughout Sao Paulo, Brazil since February. (1)

Paixao was caught on camera pulling a skull out of a bag, and placing it near the Consulate of South Africa earlier in the week. Friday…

David Metcalfe

Editor-in-Chief, Threshold: Journal of Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies | Essays from the margins of a shifting world

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