How would you suggest we go about the building of We and the true structure of Us.

To begin this discussion and to answer this question we must create some common ground or at least agree upon a destination. We and Us are seemingly simple and small words that most of us are familiar with. It would also seem that these words have mutually accepted and received meanings, but there in is the first big lesson of this journey. This seeming human experience is very isolating and tends to be exclusively unique. Common experience is much rarer than any of us are aware of. One who extends to reach another with communication must never assume basic commonality of definition and/or understanding. If you begin to talk with someone you should understand that talking, listening and understanding are not universally held ingredients of good or even acceptable conversation. A lot of folk talk and attempt to understand, without any listening at all. The proof exist in the fact that most people are unable to recount how a conversation began. So many factors impact a given moment that even the most familiar parties often require a starting point of equal identification. In other words you need to be on the same page. A great opening question with close attention paid to the response works wonders. Folk need a level of comfort and trust. Another tact is finding something of mutual appreciation, a food choice, an activity, a color choice or even a type of music. These and many other ideas can create initial conversation that points to equally held points of view. From this point mutual respect can be established, with which comes an improved level of participation.

The question of “how would you” , opens a door of creativity allowing all of the candidates or at least potential participants to share. And the sharing seems to be fertal soil needed to foster a We and especially an Us. Now taking in to account the issues of the human experience let consider what is needed to support this fledgling enterprise of We. As the human experience seems very childlike it requires excessive and constant rereinforcement to hold its interest. However with patience and diligence synoptic pathways will be established in the brain and the beginning of a familiar pattern is created. Also it would seem that care needs to be taken to introduce positive actions so that the We and Us is a desirable condition. From there the growing relationship needs cultivating as would any fragile enterprise and with care, love and constant work a We can grow and an Us will follow.

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