In the popular children’s bed time story about Aladdin, he has access to a mystical genie who lives in a magical lamp. In his interaction with the genie Aladdin is granted three wishes that have a potential to change his life and make all of his dreams come true. Now let’s put a pin in that thought.

Those of us who seem to be having this very complicated and complex human experience have gotten our stories very twisted. It seems that we think we can usurp the fictional excitement of a bed time story and with an abracadabra make it grant our dreams /prayers come true. Ok before you accuse me of over stating and misrepresenting the institution of prayer let’s pause again. For all of those who share the instructions on how to pray, Oh that’s right, my bad not everyone shares the instructions of how to pray. Now let’s be honest. How many of us were taught that to ask in prayer for something, is to be given the challenges that build and or construct that desired thing? How many people in the general population over all have come to the conclusion that challenge seems to always proceed the arrival of a request. Let’s examine the elements of the seemingness of our limited human experience. To be an adult male asking to be given the much sought after good woman, that male needs to buckle his seat belt. The ride you just got on is going to be life transforming. The adult female who fixes her face to request a good man needs to know that the traffic accident she just signed up for will teach her to be very careful what she asks for. Now let go back to that earlier pin in our thought. The genie in Aladdin’s story is FICTITIOUS. He is NOT REAL by any stretch of the imagination. It seems that when we are formulating our prayer request, we misunderstood and think we are about to talk to the genie of Aladdin’s tale.

My friends it is in your best interest to find you an old school, seasoned prayer warrior and ask them to help you understand what they do. Ask them to share the comfort and ease of a conversation with G-d. Request of them that they hold your hand to gently walk you into the love that is G-d. And take a child with you. It is the greatest gift you can give.
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