This ONE Thing Can Change Your Life Forever.

The power of starting

One year ago I started something. Even though I didn’t know what I was doing — I started anyway. Even without the confidence I would succeed — I started anyway.

In fact, I was afraid and ignorant — but I started anyway.

And because I did this one thing—I started — I can look back and celebrate instead of wishing I woulda coulda shoulda.

What about you?

Everyone has hopes, dreams, and desires. But if everyone has them, why don’t we all accomplish, become or do those things?

We have reasons.

We don’t have time. We don’t have the money. We don’t know how. We failed before. We think it’s impossible. We are too old. We are too young. And the list goes on.

We call our excuses reasons because we are afraid of the unknown outcome of our actions.

We know what will happen if we do nothing. We want the wonderful result of change but fear the process.

George Shinn said it well Growth means change and change involves risk, stepping from the known to the unknown.

We call our excuses reasons because we are afraid of the unknown outcome of our actions.CLICK TO TWEET


What if you told yourself YOU are worth the risk?

You have one life. One. There are no do-overs. There are only new beginnings, new starts. What if you could do what you dream and become more than you can imagine?

This article celebrates my one-year anniversary blogging. I started blogging with this article: And then it was the next day… I had no clear insight into where I was going. All I had was an inkling fueled by words I read somewhere.

Somehow I believed those words.

And so, as ignorant as I was, I started.

But I didn’t just flail around hoping to get better. I applied myself to learning. I knew I needed to learn and to grow.

One thing I learned a lot about was myself. And that is the beginning of change.

To change ourselves we have to look at ourselves and take inventory of some sort.

One of my favorite quotes from my book is:

I have gotten where I am today by refusing to stay where I was. Change is something I have done over and over again. ― Danielle Bernock, Emerging with Wings: A True Story of Lies, Pain, and the Love That Heals

My starting sent me on a journey that has revolutionized my life. Changed it forever.

Change can do amazing things.

STARTING is the beginning of change.

What kind of change do you long for in your life? What is it you wish was different?

What is it, when you look back to a year ago— you wish you would’ve done something — but you didn’t?

Don’t wish — start.

Start now. Start where you are. Start with fear. Start with pain. Start with doubt. Start with hands shaking. Start with voice trembling but start. Start and don’t stop. Start where you are, with what you have. Just… start.Ijeoma Umebinyuo

Don’t wish — start.CLICK TO TWEET

Over this past year, I’ve written about many things. I’ve taken courses. Listened to podcasts. Watched videos. Attended webinars. I’ve gotten a mentor. I’ve guest posted on two blogs. I wrote Love’s Manifesto. And today is the release of my book on Kindle!

I’ve done a lot of changing — over and over again. It’s called growth.

Change is both awesome and awful. We love it and we hate it.

But no matter if we are currently liking it or not — change is constant in this life.

Making peace with it calms us. Taking hold of it intentionally will empower us.

We can grow into what we want to be on purpose, instead of discovering what we’ve unintentionally become.

Over this past year I’ve learned I’m an agent of change.

I have gone through incremental personal transformations. Like the peeling of an onion reveals a new layer I have embraced a new level of freedom. I’ve gained new revelations, new perspectives, new empowerment and grown beyond my wildest dreams.

I’m celebrating. You can too.

How do you do this?


Take the first step. ONE step.

We think of change as a colossal thing. Not always.

As the saying goes: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.― Lao Tzu

Everyone is able to take one step.

I read an article in Prevention magazine many years ago that was life changing. They addressed the top ten health problems like heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol, cancer etc. and provided a list of small actions people could take to lower their risk and live longer.

But the key was to pick ONE thing. Just one thing.

Not the whole list — JUST ONE. Things as simple as:

Eat ½ cup blueberries or strawberries every day. Fortify with calcium. Get screened. Hike to the store for broccoli raisin salad. Get tested. Brown bag lunch. Eat at least one serving of a fruit or veggie. Take a multivitamin supplement…

The power of the process is the ONE thing.

You say but I need twenty-seven things different. I understand.

That usually holds us back.

We can’t do twenty-seven or seventy-five or even ten new things all at once.

But we can do ONE thing.

The magic lies in doing the one new thing until it no longer is a new thing.

Once it becomes a part of who you are and is ingrained in your habits and you no longer think about it — then it is time to do just one thing again.

And the beauty is — even if you do only one thing and never add another? You are still doing more than if you did nothing. You changed something.

Celebrate it!

Don’t think little of little.

Big is made out of many littles that add up.

Don’t think little of little. Big is made out of many littles that add up.CLICK TO TWEET

So WHERE do you start?

It starts with you.

You need to see that you are worth it.

You need to know you are worth it.

Before you can successfully change anything in your life or things about yourself — the first step is to become strong in the center of who you are — you matter.

Your life matters. Your health matters. Your pain matters. Your dreams matter…

You deserve the change you wish for.

But don’t wish — start!

No one is perfect.

If you look down on yourself or compare yourself to others you set yourself up for failure. Your life flows out of your heart and your heart has an opinion of you. This opinion drives your life.

What is your opinion of you?

Is it negative or positive?

If you need your opinion to change, start there.

Once you get a glimpse of your amazing value and potential the voices of other people’s opinions will fade.

I am here to help you find your diamonds inside of you and become rich in your sense of purpose and value. (more about me read here)

Face your reasons and call them what they are — excuses.

You ARE worth it. You DO have time. You CAN find the money. You can LEARN how.

Failure is not final. Impossible is just a word until someone does it.

You are NOT too young. You are NOT too old. An 85-year-old lady did ONE thing and radically changed her life. Read it here.

Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change. — Tony Robbins

Start today & change your life forever!

It’s up to you.

Do you want to celebrate a year from now?

What do you need to start today?

Did this resonate with you?

Take Action!

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Danielle Bernock is a the author of Emerging With Wings: A True Story of Lies, Pain, And The LOVE that Heals. Follow her on Twitter at @dbernock