A total of 25 tokens per user been airdrop to 1,000 bololex accounts as a support for bololex exchange drive campaigns.

The Concept of “Airdrop” aka free money!
Distribution of Airdrop tokens is a marketing strategy helping to spread information about coin or token and spreading the project product, or exchange. It also allows to earn on cryptocurrencies without spending money for their purchase.

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Airdrop means cryptocurrencies that a certain project gives to users for free. At first sight, it sounds like fraud or fake. …

The Earth is experiencing the warmest surface temperatures since modern climate measurements were implemented in 1880. This extreme global warming is the result of excessive concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Moreover, overwhelming scientific evidence has concluded that climate change has been caused by anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, and if these are not substantially reduced, the devastating effects that it will have for future centuries will be irreversible.

Billions of people, particularly those in developing counties, will face shortages of water and food and greater risks to health and life as a result of climate change”. Consequently, global action should be focused on providing developing countries, and especially their most disadvantageous poverty-stricken sections and minority groups, who are the most vulnerable social groups in them, the necessary resources to adapt to the new climatic conditions that will arise from climate change. …

Our project DCA cryptocurrency was founded in October 07 2018. Our agriculture manufacturing company just started this 1st quarter of 2020. We are a manufacturer of organic products in regards with agriculture.

Our practice is more on organic agricultural systems and methods and we do not use synthetic and chemical based ingredients.

Organic industry is one of the fastest growing agricultural segments in the world. Organic farming yields very important benefits such as maintaining the organic composition of the soil and is a very important thing that a farmer must understand and do.

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Our Advocacy “Help in saving mother earth”.
Our Organic use-case products :
🌿Nature’s GOLD
🌿Hybrid Organic Foliar fertilizer
— —
See our Documentation — —
🌿Hybrid Organic Pesticide(liquid)
🌿Water Bonsai…

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