DHS Youth Services Division Seeks Additional Quality Youth Service Provider Organizations

Gearing up for Fiscal Year 2017, the DHS Youth Services Division has launched a contracting effort to secure vital community-based and restorative justice support services. Interested service providers can get more details on partnering with DHS in the solicitations at the links below:

· Community Based Support Services Request for Qualification, Fiscal Year 2017

· Restorative Justice Services Request for Qualification, Fiscal Year 2017

Every youth served by DHS’ Division of Youth Services is part of a family. We, the staff seek to understand, engage, and support both the young people we serve and those closest to them. Inter-agency partnerships and collaboration with a network of community providers, allow the Youth Services programs to provide the opportunity for youth to avoid contact with the juvenile justice system and acquire critical life skills that pave the way towards their self-sufficiency.

This unique approach promotes and balances both positive youth development and community safety, simultaneously ensuring positive outcomes. The Youth Services staff are literally changing the trajectory of young people’s lives by keeping them from entering the delinquency system and promoting positive youth development, all the while improving community safety.

All young people participating in Youth Services programs are given the same level of attention and care regardless of the basis for their referral. The referred behavior provides justification for participating in services, but it is not the sole determining factor for the service(s) selected. All young people served have equal access to the services and supports available and receive case management services.

Youth and their families in dire need of family counseling services, but don’t qualify for this service through the Department of Behavioral Health providers, are able to access these services through DHS’s in-home family counseling team. At its core, the Youth Services programs allow young people the opportunity to constructively participate in an array of individually-tailored services, including behavioral health assistance and community based services and supports.

Amelia Marian, Social Worker, DHS Youth Programs Division

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