It was all Consensual

On June 9 Jack Montague was expelled from Yale for Sexual Misconduct. Jack Montague is a basketball star and captain at Yale leading his team to the NCAA Championship in over 50 years. But was expelled before the championship started. A student that attended Yale filed a report on Montague for Sexual Misconduct. Therefor Jack Montague was Expelled, Montague was furious with this saying that it was all consensual

Jack Montague is now firing back, attempting to sue one of the top schools in America. Montague saying that it was breach of contract and violation of his rights under the federal Title IX law because he was deprived of his Ivy League degree and was named a sex assailant. The lawsuit claims that the sexual encounter in question was all consensual. This would not be the first time he had a sexual interaction with the same girl. He had done this three times before. She (Her name not mentioned) has voluntarily has done “Passionate foreplay” with him.

“She explicitly told Yale that she did not think Mr. Montague heard her when she purportedly said “no” to the ensuing sexual intercourse.” Montague believed he had permission but did not hear her say “no”, and because of that he was branded a sexual assailant.Montague was furious and felt betrayed by the school and the girl. Montague is now suing Yale and is looking getting money to pay attorneys.

Going into collage and managing to stay in collage is very difficult, not to mention if you have a scholarship and play a sport. Being an athlete at a collage you are already accepted in the community. Making it easier to get popular, and thats not always a good thing. Distractions like drugs, girls and drinking. Coaches need to do a better job of teaching their players how to act in those types of situation. Coaches are the role models of those players for those four years and more. If coaches would just set the bar to their expectations these type situations would not happen. Athletes will be able to go further in their careers. Its not all on the coaches either, student athletes need to do a better job of staying focus as well as on task. If student athletes just go doing what ever they want they will not ever get things done in the real world. Things like going out to party or doing naughty things with girls. Since Jack Montague was not even attempting to stay focused on basketball he jeopardized his career. Jack Montague could possibly gone professional in basketball. That goes the same for professional athletes, making bad decisions can effect their whole life

Jack Montague is just one example of “one wrong step and its over”. There are many other student athletes that were in the spotlight but were now forgotten because of the bad choices they decided to make. Now a days you are seeing less and less student athletes are getting in trouble.