Obama, Person of the Year?

Obama has been in the White House for a long time, he has been putting up with America for 8 years. I believe that Obama is under appreciated for what he has done for this country.

Obama has to be one of the best and the most entertaining president that we have ever had, he has done a lot for this country, there no telling what the president have been keeping us safe from. Barrack Obama has made affordable Health Care for the people just to pay bills, so now they can healthcare to keep them or their children healthy. Also Obama has also taken out Osama Bin Laden in 2011. This happened when he was President, and who knows what Donald Trump would do? Obama overall this country would not be the same without him, he has accomplished great things and re-elected two times but now his time has come to a end. Obama needs to be recognized for his accomplishment.

Everyone in 2008 was unsure what to think about Obama because he was the first black president. Most americans did not Obama to win because he was black. Arrogant people started rumors saying that “He’s not even american”.

Obama is just a great person. Obama has listen to the people and that help make his decisions. This makes Obamas job easier, all he has to do is listen to the people. Obama is also a family man, his kids were basically raised in the White House. Its very sad that they have to leave and spend their last year at the White House. Not to mention what Mrs. Obama has done for this country as well with the 60 minutes of play each day and getting healthier meals for school lunches. Donald Trump and his wife will now try try to fill the shoes of the Obamas. Obama and his wife have set the bar very high.

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