Rap Album Of The Year

There have been many great albums that came out this year. Albums like “The Life of Pablo” by Kanye West and “The Coloring Book” by Chance the Rapper. But there also some albums that were a disappointment, like the album “Awaken My Love” by Childish Gambino. Gambino is a great rapper but in his album there was barley any rapping at all just all singing and different vague sounds.

There is a new album that has came out recently that has got a attention from the media. J. Cole’s new album “4 Your Eyez Only” J. Cole’s whole album has been on the top 15 of the Top 50 Charts on Spotify and is just starting to enter the Billboard Charts. There a lot of views about J. Cole’s new album. Some people say that its terrible or its not good enough and then there are some that say this is a greatest album of the year.

Which makes this album better than your average rapper is that this album has a deeper meaning. The Album is mostly telling a story through out the album. Its basically a story about his friend as he tells us at the end of his album and is also technically about J. C0le as well. In the beginning it tells about how his friend or J. Cole meets a girl at a club and instantly falls in love which would be the song “Deja Vu”. The next part of story is when he is thinking about life and the choices he has made and how he reflects on them which is “Ville Mentality”. Next is how he is now with the girl that was mentioned in Deja Vu in the song “She’s Mine Pt 1" In the rest of the album J. Cole tells how he is perceived and how he is living life as a rapper and telling he and his friend lives on the streets, they both have a kid “She’s Mine Pt 2" The only difference between J. Cole and his friend is that J. Cole gets out of the streets while his friend still stayed even after he had his child. His friend asked for one thing is to play this song to his daughter “4 Your Eyez Only”. Sadly in the song it tells us that to play this song to her when he has past. Still it is a well thought album that will make you think on a different level and is worth checking it out.