The Truth About Killing “The Bad Guys”

This week I’ve been tackling health issues — again. Always skin for me. Most of my childhood conventional medicine was used. It’s often about surgery or drugs to be honest. Cut or kill the “bad guys”. With the skin the approach is to hit you with a barrage of steroid or antibiotics to kill whatever is going on in your gut and skin microbiome. I’ve had a love hate relationship with this world.

Today I just finished a webinar with Kale Brock on Gut Healing. This is all about creating harmony in the gut microbiome. Antibiotics have their place, but they (especially in my case) have ravaged my gut lining over the years by well meaning GPs and dermatologists. Kale also interviewed a cosmetic company who is now creating products with bacteria in them to put on the skin. Another attempt to create harmony with the skin biome, instead of going to war with it. I’m going to give these products a go, as well as create some harmony in the bug situation in my gut. Will let you know what works best.

All of this got me thinking about parenting and life in general. So often we get off centre and just want to kill that bad guy. In whatever way the bad guy is manifesting in that time and space. I know I spent a lot of time just trying to “kill off” or “fix” whatever was not working in my son’s life (or my life). We are both ADHD so being patient is only a dream half the time. If only I just took some time to breathe and get “grounded” and wait a while. Just allow nature and my youngster’s own intuition to bring things back into balance or harmony. In the west we just want things done immediately. Our lives have become so “trigger happy”, instantaneous, fix it now.

This approach is reflected in all areas, like politics. Fix for now, no care for the future. Shoot up Bagdhad and hang the expense. Not thinking about the new bad guys that would inevitably emerge and harm the civilians in a possibly more evolved and more harmful fashion. Not unlike bacteria in a microbiome. How wonderful that Gen Y’s like Kale Brock are bringing this harmonic approach to healing. I know his information is not new, but the message is just slightly different, and refreshing coming from someone so young. Jeez I sound ancient now :)

Next time I feel like I need to attack a problem in a ferocious manner, I will stop, and breathe and think how I can be the “kombucha” instead of the penicillin. Soothing and slow and healing. With hopefully long term benefits.

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