A Life With Notifications



Some silly ringtones and buzzes surrounding us all the time like a spiderweb that sewed our hands to these monstrous gadgets called “Smartphones”

My story with notifications goes back to the last days of 1999 when I first used the infamous mIRC32. 8 straight hours of chatting with people I don’t even know who they are .. what a crazy world! Then came the age of MSN Messenger, a game changer and a time eater, I used to spend like 10–12 hours a day just chatting with other people for no good reason other than seeking girls attention or merely talking to my friends, Almost 7 years since my last login and I still can’t figure out how much time I have wasted talking to people who have blocked me later on from their real lives!

During the age of MSN came the Facebook, I remember seeking any wifi signal just to check if I received any messages, comments, any new friendship requests or acceptance. Since 2009 I’ve been using Twitter, which is the killer of Facebook in our part of the world, Twitter has a good and bad effect of me personally, I got too attached to it that I can’t imagine a day in which I don’t check it, no complains here, it didn’t stop me from accomplishing many things during that time, of course it didn’t make me a rocket scientist but it also didn’t decrease my IQ levels, it’s just that I’m too attached to it that I keep checking it all the time.

My late addiction is going around LinkedIn.

Smartphones turned our lives around the bright screens with the colorful ribbons that contains a short text about notification, admit it, you received a notification about this post!