Super Intelligence for The Stock Market
Richard Craib

I am not disputing the good intentions and I wish good luck but there are some things that are obviously clear to you but totally unclear to the public. For example:

  1. Do you re-score contestants after issuing a new datasets based on new tournament data?
  2. Transparency is always a good thing. I am not sure how total lack of transparency can be a good thing. Is any major accounting firm auditing the results?
  3. Your training data indicate random results. I wonder how from random results one can get to accurate predictions with low log loss. A lot of voodoo must be done on the data to fit them to the tournament data. Chances are you top winners are just lucky but I may be wrong. But if that is true, your coins do not have an edge.

Well, some of the above will be solved when the real audited performance of the fund is available. My opinion is that lack of transparency combined with randomness is not a good recipe for success. Nevertheless, I wish to you success even if that is due to luck. All people deserve some success.

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