Vektor’s Terminal Redux is Album of the Year

Philedelphia-based technical thrashers unleash a 73-minute journey through the cosmos that is not to be missed. Terminal Redux is the Vektor’s third studio album and features many lengthy, drawn out tracks that are made up of flying guitar solos and progressive chords delivered at fast tempos. The band also exerts its black metal influences with its blast beats and high-pitched screamed vocals. Imbedded in the lyrics is a sci-fi epic about a space traveller gaining financial and political gains through the power of his newly found key to immortality, but reverses it when realizing its not worth it.

The journey begins with “Charging the Void,” which clocks in at a little more than 9 minutes long. It sets the precursor for what is to come in the album and what it is made of. Blast-beats and tremolo picking that accompany front man David DeSanta’s raspy screaming vocals highlight the band’s black metal influence. The techinical ability of the band members are shown clearly on this album as well. Vektor is carrying their space-theme and progressive metal signature from their past albums Black Future and Outer Isolation but this is the first time they have made an album telling an entire story.

In between the with the hard and heavy parts of the album, the band also adds tracks featuring neo-classical influences pieces and clean guitars on tracks “Mountains Above the Sun” and “Collapse”. Vektor has mixed this sound into their thrash persona many times on past records but they've really made it more sophisticated on Terminal Redux. This time they have entire tracks in this style and have combined it into their heavy songs in ways different than they ever have before.

The album finishes off with the 13-minute long “Recharging the Void” which is now one of the best songs the band has made in my opinion. It starts out with an impending doom guitar and drum track going into the signature technical riffing and fast beat sound the band omits but then goes into a clean section, finishing off with a powerful end section accompanied by a chorus. If there is any one song you will listen to on the album, It should be this one.

In full, this album is one of the most thrilling and unique albums of the year — especially in metal. Vektor’s unmatched sound has shown itsself again in a way that is more sophisticated and moving ever before which makes it a musical experience that should not be missed.