Why Tim Cook is so furious
Gernot Poetsch

Well-written, clear explanation. Thanks!

I am made more optimistic by the pushback against what some describe as “government overreach” on the part of a judge agreeing to an excessive demand by government for the creation of an alternate operating system that would enable any who possessed it to get into any Apple iPhone. This proposal is a terrible idea. Although commerce seems to be the paramount value in America, little recognition is given to the fact that threats to encrypted data make it more difficult to sell software and hardware that has been weakened. Who wants to buy padlocks that anybody can easily open? The litany of “criminals, peadophiles, terrorists and kidnappers” is intended to provoke fear and to justify loss of privacy, without which there can be no democracy. Pushback against government intrusion into citizen privacy by means of mass surveillance and the intent to weaken encryption is overdue.

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