Are you still deciding whether to choose mobile app of a mobile version of a website?

As the latest numbers say, the majority of mobile users spend most of their time in tablets and smartphones using applications. Apps are better optimized and have more responsive design. Nonetheless, there is a number of reasons to choose mobile websites. Unlike apps, mobile sites are more approachable since users don’t have to download them and can run through a browser. These are also more cost-efficient in terms of development as well as don’t require separate development for every platform.

We have compared both approaches in order to depict the most important differences and provide some clues.

  • What are the mobile websites? How are they built and how do they behave in terms of performance?
  • In which cases it would be enough to build a mobile version of a website?
  • What are the difficulties of creating a mobile application: costs, the market coverage, etc.
  • When is it necessary to have a mobile applications?
  • How approachable for users these two types of systems are?

We have also used the latest researches in order to define the preferences of users regarding apps and mobile web. Which approach currently dominates the market? Check our infographics embedded.

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