Don’t launch your marketing before you’ve checked these

We have curated and described the most effective and — to be fair — the most common marketing channels that you can use as a startuper to launch your marketing path to flourishing your business. Our guide is here but it’s worth mentioning some crucial things that you should take into account even before you start making first and timid moves.

Document your strategy. You can have a roster of the wittiest copywriters, SEO hucksters, gifted illustrators and still wander around the web hoping to blindly hit your success. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 48% of the most effective marketers have at least documented a mission statement. Successful strategies can answer one core question — what are the things that you want to change with you marketing? Is it generating new leads, building awareness, nurturing leads, or merely educating buyers? Or probably all together?

Don’t mistake your core industries for your target audiences. That’s the tricky one that many marketing campaigns tend to be suffering from. Say you develop mobile apps and the share of your ecommerce clients is 45%, the rest are productivity tracking apps, financial management, and other various types. Does it mean that your first claim must be: “We develop ecommerce apps”? Although it’s entirely valid and probably you’re the most experienced in ecommerce apps, it doesn’t necessarily imply that your engineering services are outstanding for ecommerce clients compared to others. Do you have something specific to address ecommerce? Can you add any value beyond just development? If you can’t, try looking for some more subtle criteria for targeting.

Decide your sweet spot. If you’re leveraging content marketing — and most likely you are — then finding a sweet spot is critical. A sweet spot is something that you can undoubtedly claim to be your niche expertise. The best content comes from this particular experience as it conveys your authority and confidence, adds real value.

Build dedicated landing pages for your propositions. Then you can benefit the most from PPC campaigns, especially from the Google Adwords. Once you make a bid in Adwords, you start participating in the auction and the most influential metric of which is a quality score based on your ad relevance and a landing page.

Don’t let good marketing kill your business. Great marketing is dicey if it overpromises while your actual product underdelivers. Broken clients’ expectations easily bulldoze your brand reputation. So your product would better be great.

Please have a look at our guide here. We give useful metrics, stats, and quick tips besides describing channels.

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