Why do you have to convert iOS app to Android?

why you must do it

Mobile applications are embracing the market by storm, and it is imperative for any business to adapt fast with the latest technological developments. And the majority of smart, advanced companies are deriving benefit of this mobile apps phenomenon to further improve their business and deeper engage a customer.

Based on the feedback and success received from the iOS app, some businesses having an existing iOS app and releasing it in the App Store, then decide to build for Android platform that is available on far more devices, varying greatly in size, hardware, and performance. Google also allows developers to alter the Android OS, resulting in many different versions of Android out in the wild.

If you still have doubts whether to convert app from iOS to Android or not, we have here some crucial reasons that will persuade you. Some developers think that Google products always render low ROI. Others are scared of Android market fragmentation. Check the tips why converting may be a good idea to start a new platform successfully.