Fehervar outsmarted Dornbirn

January 10th, 2015 | A Story by cdmediateam | Photos: cdmediateam

In the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga the Dornbirner Eishockey Club had to admit defeat at Fehervar by 3–4. The forth goal to tie the game came one second too late.

“Now we have two games left against two very good hockey clubs” – DEC Head Coach Dave MacQueen

By winning three points the visiting team from Dornbirn wanted to secure a good starting position for the intermediate stage, there are only two match days left until. Fehervar AV19’s current position however is giving them the opportunity to tip the scales for some of the teams fighting for the direct qualification. Following their 0:1-defeat by Bozen the previous day, the Red Devils were eager to win this match. The Hungarians hadn’t scored a single powerplay goal since December 20. Against Dornbirn Csaba Kovacs (15./pp) broke the spell by deflecting a Wehrs-shot, giving his team the lead for the first time.

Rollercoaster for Dornbirn

During the second period the team of DEC head coach Dave MacQueen was trying hard to work out the tie. And eventually they got rewarded: Using his skate Chris D’Alvise (27.) moved the puck in the goal. No kicking — thus the referees decided on goal. The guests’ momentum only lasted for a moment though. Daniel Koger (28.), all by himself, brought back the lead for Fehervar. Dornbirn did not let up, and five minutes later Drew MacKenzie (33.) shoved the puck through the pads of Fehervar-goalie Zoltan Hetenyi. With five seconds left in the second the Bulldogs turned the game around: Kyle Greentree (40.), back in the DEC line-up after his suspension, took care of the 3:2.

In the final period the home team made for the tie quickly. DEC goalie David Madlener wasn’t able to get a hold of the puck, and Andrew Sarauer (42.) pushed it in the vacant goal. The match went down to the wire: In the final minutes first Marek Zagrapan failed because of the post. Then Chris Francis (56.) succeeded with the game-winning goal for the home-team. Jamie Arniel aimed for another one, but only scored after the final buzzer had gone off. The 3:4-loss keeps the Bulldogs at 70 points.

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