DECOIN advisor Vladimir Nikitin shares his insight of the crypto currency market and DECOIN project

Mr. Vladimir Nikitin

Vladimir Nikitin, #1 ranked advisor on and a respected persona in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain ecosystem, a special advisor of DECOIN (, provides his insight about the DECOIN project. Let’s see what he thinks:

Q: To your experience and opinion, what are the main keys for a successful start-up in the blockchain ecosystem ?

A: Based on my experience, today to become a successful ICO project it is necessary to have not only a website and WP, but also MVP. This is a very important component. Additionally, proper marketing.

Q: Why have you decided to support and join Decoin as an advisor ?

A: I decided to join the Decoin team because I think the project is very attractive and promising. Decoin differs from many projects in its idea and implementation, they do not use as 95% ICO ERC20 Protocol, and make their own blockchain.

Q: What are your assessments of the Decoin team ?

A: The Decoin team is very ambitious and are professionals in their industry, attracted by that good advisors on Board (Sydney Ifergan, Nikolay Shkilev)

Q: What would be the main value generators for the project ?

A: The project is very promising. DECOIN is a coin Exchange and Trading Platform, which redistributes its revenues to coin holders. Once the ICO is complete, the project will be very popular in the crypto community

Q: Where do you see the crypto industry in 3 years time ? and how do you see Decoin-Dtep fits in ?

A: I believe that the crypto sphere is a very young market so far, but it is developing every year. In 3 years it will be a big industry and Decoin will occupy an important place there

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DECOIN is a POS algorithm based Crypto-Currnecy (6.2% interest growth P.A.) and an Exchange Platform which redistributes its revenues to coin holders

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