Everykey Scam is a good reason to Dump MGT Shares

Everykey is not an MGT product but John McAfee HAS been claiming an ownership / partnership and his fingerprints are all over this.
Everykey actually began collecting money for it’s project in September of 2012 which is 4 years, 1 month, 29 days from today’s date. They have collected considerably more than $1,706.688 through private investors, grants, crowd funding sites, customers.

They received Grants and Loans beginning in September 2012. In October, 2014 they began begging for more money on Kick Starter. In December 2015 they were begging for money on Indiegogo.

I’ve contacted many people and can’t find a single person who has received an order. Everykey promises refunds but then don’t refund. I’ve been seeing a lot of reports of people having to reverse charges with their banks. They wont tell people how many have been shipped so it’s likely NONE.

To everyone wanting a refund: E-mail — support@everykey.com with your backer number and paypal e-mail address, they say it takes 2 weeks to process your refund. On the last day of the 2 weeks e-mail them again asking where it is (as it probably won’t have been done..).

All orders were promised to be fulfilled in March 2016 — It’s now almost November. This is from the Indiegogo funding Comments section:

Mr Brown asked for his back in September, it’s now almost November and he still did not receive one. He’s waited more than 3 years.

This person asked about his order July 23 got a reply / excuse July 24. Again Three Months later on Oct 16, he questioned where his product was and still does not have it.

Here is another person who still does not have their product.

The following are comments from the Indigogo Funding page:

The Following comments are from their Kickstarter campaign:

This was of particular interest since Lexi Sprague actually partnered with John McAfee with a Chat App named Chadder that failed to gain popularity. She was a technology student at Rochester Institute of Technology. She left this scathing comment:

MGT Capital Investments operates much like Everykey and is promoted by the same man, John McAfee. No products, all forward looking statements, someday over the rainbow promises. It seems like everything he involves himself with is a scam.

I don’t understand how people can put their faith in a man who is suspected of 2 murders, is married to a career prostitute and likes to literally eat shit.

Here is a booking photo of his Girlfriend (Common law wife) Janice Dyson:

John Seems to be the only person to have received an Everykey.