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Friends and followers of Get Inside,

As you all know, times here on Medium are changing. Many of my favorite writers are taking off for different endeavors; the landscape shifts once again.

Further, my life beyond Medium is rendering me too strapped for time to continue with this newsletter. I am a full-time English instructor at a large university, an editor for an educational website, and am in the second year of my doctoral program. There simply are not enough minutes to do it all.

I want to humbly thank the few of you who read the newsletters I put out this summer. And more than that, I want to thank my incredible writers. I will continue to manage Get Inside, just sans newsletter.

I hope you are well and safe.

Your editor,
D. E. Fulford

Featuring Medium’s best in first-person poetry, nonfiction, and fiction

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Happy Friday, readers!

It’s a strange summer. There is no denying this. My partner and I sneaked off on a very brief (but brilliant) five-day long motorcycle trip to northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, and the world feels a little less oppressive since we returned.

I even tossed a couple of my own poems onto the page in the last few weeks (“Tuck Your Face Behind Your Leaving,” and “Habits are Subjective When Everything is Bad”).

I hope you all are finding some comparable levity.

Without further ado, here are this edition’s featured writers!


Mimi Bordeaux is one of…

I once was a nailbiter, but not today

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mom’s nails trimmed close for hands
melding daily with wet clay I sit
watching Mtv on her bed in the living
room — she sacrifices her privacy for
mine — and gnawing my cuticles with

crooked teeth until a splash of blood
runs out she scolds me that’s a disgusting
but i pretend not to hear sing my
warbly harmonies to Cyndi Lauper or
Roxette the ethereal fantasy dolls of life

removed from our racist southern town
bigoted Baptists who bring pamphlets
from church to try to get me to come to
service ever since Mrs. …

I’ll still be watching

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i’m going to write it all down so somewhere between
the lines of where reality mingles with fantasy — shuffling
a lop-waltz against the pain of what will never come, i’ll
greet myself in shades of me — semblance of a life unlived
poking holes in my nightly reveries tickling my thought-
fantasy life right into being where you lived, too, we played
at knowing anything at all stuffed between smudged pages
and thirsty long sips of one another.


©DEF, 2020

D. E. Fulford is a full-time university writing instructor and part-time educational editor. Her Medium writing focuses (mostly)…

Sky Collection Quote Prompt № 14

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A voice comes to your soul saying
Lift your foot. Cross over.
― Rumi

yeah, that same summer life flew to bits
i perched naked on the rooftop overlooking
tomorrow thought about catching a lift on
a wind that will never come but watched the
sherbet-hues bandy with cloud wisps instead
telling myself it’s fine everyone feels this way
which is a rotten deception but can make me
feel better in the longest moments when cries
strangle thoughts and all i had to do was to
make the call.


Thank you, Samantha Lazar with Sky Collection. ❤


©DEF, 2020

D. E. Fulford is a full-time university…

Featuring Medium’s best in first-person poetry, nonfiction, and fiction

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Hello, dear readers,

Welcome to another edition of Get Inside’s bimonthly newsletter!

I hope you are well and taking care of yourselves and one another. It’s gotten to the point in the summer where the heat reaches about 100F degrees in Colorado each day, so I am desperately attempting to stay cool!

As promised in “Get (Even Deeper) Inside #2,” this newsletter will feature a writer in each of GI’s main three genres: nonfiction, poetry, and fiction (plus a special mention for the “Under 50” category, as well!). Read on to discover some incredible writers!


This edition’s featured nonfiction contributor…

Featuring the best in first-person poetry, nonfiction, and fiction

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Hello, dear readers,

I’m not terribly old, but I have been around for a while. And I can easily say I have personally never experienced as tumultuous a time as those in which we are currently living. Sometimes, I feel quite lost and hopeless with the sheer quantity of injustice and ignorance in the world.

Then I take a step back into myself, breathe, think of all for which I am grateful, and act in love.

Wherever you are and whoever you are: I hope you are safe and have people who love you in close vicinity.

Now, here’s what…

Thank goodness taste is subjective

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When I finish writing some of my poems — not all, but some — I feel so good about what rolled out of my mind through my fingertips onto the page. I read and reread the words, replacing something here, shifting the punctuation there, and it all just feels so correct there is no way I did not just write a masterpiece.

Until I send out said poem.
And the rejections come spinning back in.

One by one, the publications to whom I offered my obvious stroke of genius politely decline: “It’s great — but not for us right now.”…

Featuring the best in first-person poetry, nonfiction, and fiction

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In a time when the world could use as much beauty and hope as possible, Get Inside now offers a newsletter to promote the amazingly varied, gorgeous, and powerful first-person writing from our sundy collective of contributors!

I will be sending out a newsletter highlighting the pieces Get Inside has published in the past week. Be ready for some excellent reading!

Get Inside’s poets sizzle:

Arvindh Shyam: “You and Me

“I remember when I took you to Paris
But that was the time we had that big fight
And everything around us turned green and red”

Gladysdaeweeks: “Project Complete


The swallowed words

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Turn on the camera/

we’re rolling

in our war the victor
ghostlike evocative of who

the one with most snatches
of reality and the other one
you can’t ignore further in

a once secluded mortality

this fractured reality-glass

weighs hefty and bright
each day and all night

we love like fireworks howl down against

the sky splitting in shriek
devoid such grey likelihoods

a pandemic — this prophecy veering rampant

laying everyone back and love does not
breathe anymore without gasping over

the syllables of everything that will not

be said.

D. E. Fulford, MA, MLS

word-y | professional academic | Ed.D. candidate | motorcyclist | realist

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