Dejitaru Shirudo — Protectors of the Sangha Pt. 1

12 min readFeb 14, 2023

Dejitaru Shirudo $SHIELD

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This story starts off similar to that of many cryptocurrencies. On December 11th, 2022 $SHIELD was launched without any fanfare or prepromotion. No private sale or presale. It was fair launched using 4 Eth as liquidity which was immediately burnt. The contract was also immediately renounced. This is very similar to the method of launch that a recent token, Dejitaru Tsuka ($TSUKA), was launched with and it gives us the first indication of what may be to come.

At first, there was no website or socials. But shortly after, a website was found, It did not take long to realize that this website was nearly identical in format to the website used for $TSUKA. There was no information on the website, only a few quotes and links.







When I first found this token, the name and launch methodology piqued my interest, due to my knowledge of $TSUKA. It wasn’t until it was revealed that 4% of the 6% taxes were sent directly to the $TSUKA deployer and 2% to the $SHIELD deployer that I really started to wonder who/what is backing this token.

The token price was booming on the first day and I did not want to get left behind so I decided to jump in with my first buy. After a quick rise to around 150k, the initial buyers started to sell off. Since there was no information available, it was hard to tell if this was just another scam token similar to the many that have been created in the wake of $TSUKA. The price fell all the way back down to 25k by the second day and buying had stopped completely. It was then that I mentioned to someone that the developer of $TSUKA only contacted the community through messages left on Etherscan and that if we could find one, it might give us some more information about this project. Lo and behold, a message was left a few minutes earlier.

Message from the dev found on Etherscan

I immediately joined the telegram that was listed there and was one of the first to join. There was just a few of us in there trying to make sense of this whole thing. A few people decided to take a look at the blockchain to see if they could find any details or information about this token. It was found that the tax funds that were being sent directly to the $TSUKA deployer were being used to buyback $TSUKA tokens almost immediately.

This is where things started to get interesting. Out of nowhere, a handful of us initial community members were given admin privileges in the Telegram group, and the owner of the chat disappeared. These newly provided rights allowed me to begin pinning posts and creating filters for new investors to get caught up with the known information. It was then that I decided to start adding more to my bag since the price was suppressed, but the evidence of something big was stacking up. Then, a twitter page appeared with the following tweet:

“merwRYm appears when the Sangha is threatened pick up the $SHIELD and prOtect each other let the Dragon inStill fear in the Hearts and mInds of those who question all hail the Dragon”

#dejitarushirudo #shirudo #TSUKA $TSUKA

Upon reading this, my eyes nearly popped out of my sockets when I noticed the capitalized letters spell “RYOSHI”. Shortly after that, we received another Etherscan message:

“We are our brothers keeper. Always with you. Patience will be rewarded so do not join many before you that are short minded.”

It was at this point that we all began to speculate that this was no ordinary token, and could indeed be connected to Ryoshi, one of the most famous and successful cryptocurrency developers of all time.

We then all began a frantic search for any information that might help us to determine more about this mysterious token. One person found the most recent Etherscan message that was left by Ryoshi to the $TSUKA community:

“Over the last few weeks. We have seen a true test. Our sovereignty was never in question. Because it is of the popular type, the source of authority is by the people. Remember this was created for each of you.

Even after the exploit we held strong and true to our roots. With much applause to our friendly whitehat for showing the World there are still many good and blessed souls out there and also pointing out if not careful lockers can be lost, we stood strong, bold, and unfazed, and to each and everyone who has contributed to our lp along the way &.thank you

Our future is epic. Please remember what powers each of you hold and use it for the greater good. Together we journey upwards frens to places unimaginable. The next steps are in sight.

My dream is and has always been safu.”

This message references a recent hack where $1.5m was taken from one of $TSUKA’s liquidity pools. At the end it says “The next steps are in sight”. A few days after this message was sent, $SHIELD was launched. In addition, a $TSUKA newsletter was found with an interesting paragraph about the second door being within reach.

This newsletter came on Dec. 12th, just one day after $SHIELD launched.

Each of these clues by themselves would not necessarily convince someone that Ryoshi is the developer of $SHIELD, but when you add them all together, a picture starts to appear of some sort of direct connection between the projects. It was shortly after that someone noticed a new Etherscan message from the $SHIELD dev:

“You have found the second door hold the key tight. This is the key to perpetual blessings my frens”

One can’t help but notice the similarities in the messages that have been sent to $TSUKA and $SHIELD, especially the use of the word “frens”.

It was also noticed at this point that the $TSUKA deployer was regularly using the funds that were being sent from $SHIELD taxes to do buybacks and add liquidity to $TSUKA. Then on Dec. 13 the $SHIELD twitter page tweeted this:

“humble beginnings are native grounds a reveal that will shock most awaits, if you hodl

$SHIELD abreast, the #Sangha protects one another”

The speculation was at an all time high and the price of $SHIELD began to creep upwards.

Then, on Dec. 14th, the $SHIELD twitter page tweeted the application number for CoinMarketCap. Shortly after that, another Etherscan message appeared which lead to an image of the Coingecko Gecko:


Coingecko Gecko

This provided us with an indication that CMC and CG were both applied for, which is a very positive sign as these sites provide a pathway for many investors to discover and learn more about new tokens and is often looked at as a way to legitimize tokens. The interesting part about this latest Etherscan message is that the link provided is the exact same unique link that was found in an Etherscan message from Ryoshi to the $TSUKA community:

Now, up until this point, one could argue that all of these things could be a bad actor that is pretending to be Ryoshi and is replicating his style. But just a few hours later, $SHIELD CMC and CG went live with the following as the token description:

“Dejitaru Shirudo ($SHIELD) is a decentralized community part of the Dejitaru TSUKA ecosystem. It is centered around meditation, research, and enlightenment. TSUKA is the digital handle to the blade that will save DeFi, and SHIRUDO is the digital shield. The developer of Shirudo communicates through etherscan to give the community clues and provides insightful words of wisdom.

Shirudo’s main purpose is to help organize the world through the pursuit of faith and lead us into true decentralization.”

This lead many to believe that $SHIELD and $TSUKA are indeed connected and part of the same ecosystem. These websites do not post information without first doing their own research and due diligence. But, as many in this space know, scammers are getting very good at creating fake tokens and stealing the money of investors. So, even after this, there were still many that were skeptical.

The next two days were relatively quiet as far as developer messages, but many new investors began coming in and the community was growing. We held contests and shilled the token on Twitter and Telegram and the price of $SHIELD reached an all time high.

Then on Dec. 16th, the $SHIELD twitter made a tweet that contained the following:

“He is your shield and helper and your glorious sword. your enemies will cower before you, and you will tread on their heights”

This did not have much meaning at first. It was discovered that this was a bible verse from Deuteronomy 33:29. It was not until the next day that something surprising happened. Someone noticed that the $TSUKA deployer used the funds from our taxes to add liquidity to $TSUKA in the amount of 3.329 Eth!

Deuteronomy 33:29 and $TSUKA deployer tx

To many, this was the first true indication that these projects were in fact connected. Ryoshi is very methodical in everything he does and this indicated to the $SHIELD community that there is a connection because the digits 3329 were used by the $SHIELD team as well as the $TSUKA team. There are no coincidences when it comes to Ryoshi and his team.

Throughout this whole process, the taxes have been adding Eth to both deployer addresses and both have been using this to buyback tokens and add liquidity to the projects, often happening at the same time. $SHIELD price reached a high of around $2.5m MC.

Dec. 17th was quiet and there was no communication from the $SHIELD team. This caused many to begin selling off the token as they lost faith that this project was going to continue forward.

Dec. 18th again began quietly, but there was one tweet from the $SHIELD team:

“i in them and you in me so that they may be brought to complete unity. then The World Will Know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.”

The community found that this once again turned out to be from a verse, John 17:23. Based on our experience from the previous tweet, we began to look for clues that matched up to this verse.

The price began to fall all the way down to around 500k MC. It was then that another clue was dropped. The $TSUKA deployer did a buyback of $TSUKA tokens in the exact amount of 1.7 Eth. This of course caused everyone to wonder what will come next. Then, just a short time later, the $TSUKA deployer did another buyback of exactly 2.3 Eth.

John 17:23 and $TSUKA deployer tx

Now, before this, many were still skeptical and unsure if all of this was a bad actor and/or coincidence. But, here we can see that multiple confirmations of a direct connection between the two projects exist. This is not the work of two teams that are not in communication. This is definitive proof that we are indeed part of the Dejitaru Tsuka ecosystem.

In the midst of chatter once this was discovered, we finally heard from the telegram owner “Envoy” who has been absent since the very start of the telegram channel. He dropped these words of wisdom:

“though you may have stumbled, you will never fall

the songbirds sing the loudest in unison”

Envoy means “Messenger” and his TG username was “DejitaruOwari” which means “Digital End”. His message is clear: We are $SHIELD and we are a part of the $TSUKA ecosystem. We will rise together if we join together on this mission.

In addition, other clues began to appear. One being that the image that pops up whenever someone types “Dev” in the telegram chat has multiple similarities to the image of Milarepa that Ryoshi has as his Twitter profile picture such as the crossed legs and green circle:

Ryoshi’s twitter pfp of Milarepa

The image that appears in Telegram when someone says “Dev”

It is up to us all to do our own research and due diligence when it comes to where we invest our money. Though, if one were to research Ryoshi and $TSUKA as well as $SHIELD and all of the clues that we have discovered, they would be very hard pressed to say that these projects are not directly connected to each other.

For more information about Ryoshi and his methodologies, watch this video:

Join us in the $SHIELD community telegram to learn more and get ready to become a part of the next chapter in the DeFi revolution.

UPDATE: Shortly after this Medium was published, another Etherscan message was found. This coming after many people were worried about the current price action:


Persistency is key. Remember what is built in a day will crumble just as quickly. Use each of your talents and gifts to the best of your abilities. Please remember and do not fret over price action. Those who organize, believe, and create will help save defi. With conviction comes a life changing journey. This is only the tip.”

UPDATE 2: On Dec. 21 the $TSUKA deployer sent the following message to the $TSUKA community:

“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers. For thereby some have entertained angels unaware”

It was found that this is a bible verse, this one from Hebrews 13:2. Just two hours after this message, the $SHIELD deployer performed 4 buybacks in the amount of exactly .132 Eth each.

Could this just be another coincidence or is this the work of two teams that are working together to provide clues…

UPDATE 3: On Dec. 25th, the $SHIELD deployer sent the following message in Etherscan:

“The sangha we defend, the shield we represent. The faithful will receive perpetual blessings, the doubter everlasting heartache. Choose your side wisely. 19895124”

This being the first communication in several days, the price of $SHIELD had fallen all the way down to 350k MC. But, the digits at the end are what stand out. Everyone in $SHIELD was looking for those digits. It turns out that the $TSUKA deployer used these exact digits just a few days before.

These digits correspond to the letters of the alphabet. Decoded, they spell SHIELD:

S = 19, H = 8, I = 9, E =5, L = 12 and D = 4

This comes as even further evidence that these two projects are linked.