DEUS Finance Launches on Fantom — integrations with LQDR and Spiritswap

3 min readFeb 1, 2022


DEUS Finance joins many other projects and protocols in integrating their platform on Fantom, one of the fastest-growing chains in DeFi.

The perfect environment for DEUS Finance

There are multiple reasons why DEUS Finance has set its focus on integrating with Fantom and protocols on the Fantom network. There is a flurry of activity happening on FTM currently, which has contributed to it becoming the third-largest protocol in DeFi in terms of TVL, surpassing BSC. With over $12 billion in TVL, FTM has attracted well-known developers to launch projects on the network and is attracting a lot of investment into its fast-growing ecosystem.

DEUS partnerships with FTM protocols

Through friendships and introductions to other projects, some incredible opportunities have arisen for DEUS Finance to partner and implement our systems with some protocols on Fantom.


Liquiddriver is one of the top projects on FTM, with around $300 million TVL on their platform and a with a host of services from yield farming to lottery systems, LQDR is certainly a platform to watch. Through our friendship with the core LQDR team, we connected and formed a partnership that will bring value to both ecosystems. We will launch yield farming pools on LQDR and will incentivize these pools through high APY, making them the most attractive for users on the platform.

This integration with LQDR will bring a lot of attention to DEUS Finance and will give us a real foothold on the FTM network. Additionally, LQDR introduced us to Spiritswap, a major DEX on Fantom.


Spiritswap currently has over $360 million TVL on its platform. With an expanding user base and a host of existing functionality, Spiritswap has launched two new yield farms.

Earn $SPIRIT staking in the following farms:


DEUS Community Action

Given the opportunities on the Fantom network, we proposed to the DEUS community that we focus our efforts and emissions on FTM. With our vision of exposing DEUS to a whole new base of users, as well as partnering with established protocols and DEXs, we required the buy-in from the DEUS community. A snapshot vote was put to the community, and the vote passed unanimously.

FTM Roadmap

A lot has happened in the recent days, with plenty more to come, from the launching of the new yield farms to some AMAs and interviews.

  • Launch DEUS/FTM and DEI/USDC pools on Spiritswap (complete)
  • Propose Liquiddriver staking to LQDR governance (complete)
  • AMA with LQDR (complete)
  • Deploy DEUS/FTM farm on Spiritswap
  • Deploy farms on LQDR
  • AMA with FTMAlerts on 1st Feb (complete)

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