App Marketing & Why You Should Have Done it Yesterday

A lot of articles that address the importance of app marketing end up talking more about marketing techniques overlooked by developers. However, it’s important to take a step back from those techniques and acknowledge the importance of marketing your app. Specifically, we can pinpoint the importance of app marketing to a few key ideas: development completion doesn’t mean the end of your process, your users aren’t simply going to appear, and you don’t want to throw all of your effort away. Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

Wait, you’re not done yet.

Never having developed an app personally, I can only imagine the sense of relief a developer feels as a product is approved for an app marketplace. You think the hard work is over at that point, right? Nope! In reality, app developers should create a content and marketing schedule before the app is released. Even if you don’t know your hard launch date, you can shop your app around (with promotional materials) to relevant media outlets, your social media accounts, and even your friends and family. There’s no need to wait until your app is actually released to start your marketing campaign.

However, app developers need to make sure they keep up the campaign after the app is released in order to gain, and keep, the attention of those much-needed users. In addition to traditional marketing techniques, it’s wise to employ other, less obvious tactics, including asking your app users for reviews or feedback. While listening to your users may not seem to fall into the realm of marketing, your users will take notice and ideally increase your word-of-mouth presence, ultimately allowing others to market your app for you.

Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come.

I know your dream: you release your app, and voila! You suddenly have a million (or more) users. Am I close? Thought so. If only if were that easy! If you want people to actually use your app, you can’t let the app stores do all the work for you. With an already overcrowded marketplace, you need to employ careful strategies, like App Store Optimization, to shine like the bright star we know you are.

Don’t let your development efforts go to waste.

Finding an app shouldn’t be like finding Waldo!

Hopefully, you’re starting to see the pattern here. If you fail to create a marketing strategy, users will have a hard time finding you. If your app isn’t being downloaded and used by people, then unfortunately some of your effort has been wasted. Of course, there are lessons to be learned with every app development process, and you have undoubtedly taken something from this journey with you. Even so, you have to wonder what could have been, if you had marketed your app.

Even though it’s easy to start celebrating once your app is published, you aren’t actually finished with the release process. Without app marketing, you will miss out on potential users and possibly waste some of the precious effort you put into developing your app. So, where do you go from here? Not to worry; DEVSBUILD.IT has a lot of resources dedicated specifically to app marketing (253 the last time I looked). You’re in good hands. Now, go, strategize, and market!