EOS DApp FESTA in Seoul

October 30th, 2018

Silla Hotel Seoul Conference Hall

There was a cap of 500 tickets available for the EOS DApp Festa at the Silla Hotel in Seoul yesterday. At 8 pm the room was full — with overflowing seats surrounding the conference room. Furthermore, “Asia Blockchain & Fintech” and “Fuze” hosted this informative blockchain event. Many of the projects presented had the potential to make revenue quickly and gain a high volume. However, some investors were looking for which projects would shake the world on a large scale.

First, the conference began with Devin Lee from KOREOS:

Following, Richard Jung from Block.one presented:

There were a total of 14 DApps presented and a will highlight a number of the following DApps.

Photo credits: https://www.onoffmix.com/event/154829

Nova Wallet: A multi-EOS waller


EOS Knights: A mobile EOS game


DEXEOS: Decentralized Exchange on EOS


Ducatur: Infrastructural business intelligence for EOS


EOS DApp FESTA was a great blockchain event gathering the largest EOS projects in Korea together under one roof. We look forward to more blockchain events being held in Seoul as the EOS community continues to grow.

Thank you for reading.

Telegram EN: https://t.me/dexeos_io

Telegram KR: https://t.me/dexeos_io_kr

Website: https://dexeos.io/

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