Rakuten-Viki Final Presentation Event

Sep 19, 2015 · 2 min read
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The Rakuten-Viki Global TV Recommender Challenge has finally come to a successful closure on the 16 September 2015. Six Teams (Team Merlion, Team GM, Team Haipt, Team Pritish,Team Gbenedek & Team Lenguyenthedat) were invited to present publicly in front of a pool of audiences and the judges. Rakuten was generous enough to make the presentation opened to public for the first time ever in DEXTRA history. We were also honored to have Mr Kiren Kumar, Director, Infocomms & Media Singapore Economic Development Board to give a welcoming speech on that evening.

After a long deliberation, the judges’ votes were unanimous, they voted that Team Merlion (Duan Rubing, Liu Yong, Yang Xulei, Rick Goh, Hu Nan, Tan Yong Kiam, Wu Zhen Zhou, Yang Feng) were the winners for the challenge. Winning team Merlion employed an elegant algorithm that performs outstandingly in both public and private leaderboards, identified and engineered very useful features, as well as discovered and visualised some key insights from the data provided.

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Top 3 prizes:

Top Winner, Team Merlion, won 8,000 SGD (cash)

1st Runner-up, Team Haipt, received 2,5000 SGD (cash)

2nd Runner-up, Team GM, received 1,500 SGD (cash)

Bonus prizes:

— 3rd Runner-Up, Team Pritish walked away with 1,000 SGD worth of Rakuten Super Points

— For Best Visualisation, and approach to code testing, Team Le Nguyen The Dat received 600 SGD worth of Rakuten Super Points

— For the unique approach and application of graph theory to content popularity prediction, Team Gabon received 500 SGD worth of Rakuten Super Points

All members of the top 6 teams receive:

Viki Pass — 12 months premium access to Viki, presented by Rohit Dewan, CTO at Viki. Viki Pass is Viki’s subscription service that allows users to watch videos ad free and in HD.

— 100 SGD worth of Rakuten Super Points redeemable on Rakuten Singapore shopping site

Congratulations to all the six finalist teams. DEXTRA would like to give our biggest thanks to the Rakuten Institute of Technology (RIT) team and the participants from the DEXTRA community for their tremendous effort and time to make this challenge into a very successful and eventful one.

For more actions, please visit our facebook post.

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