KONTOR will be "sun setting" their website and refunding money...on Sept 23, 2016"

Were you one of the companies that joined onto the KONTOR platform?

If you haven't heard, on Sept. 14th, 2016, KONTOR announced that they will be "sun setting their website on Sept. 23rd, 2016...and refunding all payments"

In the startup world, this is called a pivot (when a startup realizes that their business model doesn’t work, and they try another approach). In the business world, this means unstable, not reliable, RED FLAG.

As a commercial design, architecture, manufacturing or sales rep business, you rely on dependability and consistency. Only startups have time to play ping-pong and scrap (pivot) a business model on a whim.

Did you invest time and resources on KONTOR?

If you were one of the many companies that bought into the KONTOR pitch, and now you are feeling a bit displaced, I invite you to discover www.dezignwall.coml

Dezignwall is a Pinterest-like platform for discovering and sourcing commercial products and design inspiration, with tools to make collaboration on the go, easy.

Unlike paid advertising "directories", like Todl, Designer Pages, Steelyard, Architizer and KONTOR, Dezignwall is a FREE social platform, exclusively for the contract trade services.

The benefits of social platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram, along with analytics, like Salesforce. Dezignwall offers a Free business platform for creating Digital Sales Tools, to make your sales efforts more shareable and effective.

Got a new product or project announcement?

Designers, specifiers and business owners want to learn more about what you have to offer. Free to our members, Dezignwall offers: Member SpotlightsFeatured Member Articles and New Product/Project Announcements. Newsletters are seen by our over 116,000 registered site members and a more than 14M social media audience.

Getting started is simple:

Create a complete business profile (FREE) Create your Digital Catalog (We automatically organize your uploaded images into Digital Catalogs) Email and let us know you have an announcement!

Coming soon...

Our mission is simple, "Increase the speed and accessibility by which the international design community collaborates, while finding and sharing design inspiration, products and services"

As part of our mission, Dezignwall is currently in beta on the ability to "Batch Upload" multiple and entire products catalogs. Meaning your sales teams are able to provide your customers with easy to share Digital Catalogs. Providing 24/7 access to Instant Engagement Insights (this would be like knowing that your client really likes that product on page 27 of your print catalog)

Discover Dezignwall

If you were one of the many companies that are now displaced because of KONTOR, I personally invite you to discover Dezignwall. Exclusively for the contract trade services. A visual way to discover and source products and design inspiration, with tools to make collaborating on the go, easy.


Free to join. Free to use. Upgrade to unlock tools to grow your business.

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Written by: Joseph Haecker - CEO & Founder | Dezignwall, Inc. - A virtual marketplace, exclusively for the contract trade services

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