The Attacks on Representative Ilhan Omar

Rep. Ilhan Omar is under attack AGAIN — and she needs the progressive community to stand with her at this critical moment.

Earlier this afternoon, we learned that House Democratic leadership is planning to pass a resolution this week publicly shaming Ilhan for expressing real concerns about the power lobbyists for the Israeli government have over our discourse.

Democrats are prioritizing passing this resolution despite the fact that we’ve recently learned that the FBI is investigating white nationalist threats against Ilhan, and Republicans in West Virginia have been circulating an Islamophobic poster tying her to terrorism — two crystal clear examples of the kinds of actions Congress should be condemning.

It’s not a surprise that right-wing bigots have been going after Rep. Ilhan Omar from the second she took her seat in Congress. As a powerful Black Muslim woman, she embodies everything they hate.

But it’s absolutely shameful how many Democrats seem eager to throw her under the bus and off of the Foreign Affairs Committee just for speaking her mind.

Congress is supposed to be taking action on this resolution on Wednesday, and we’ll be sharing ways you can put pressure on House Democrats soon. But right now, the absolute most important thing you can do is chip in to show that you support Ilhan.

The establishment is watching to see how we respond to this attack. Make it overwhelmingly clear that you stand with Ilhan by chipping in $3 — or whatever you can afford — to support her campaign and DFA now.

Thanks for taking this urgent action.