DFJ’s Mo Islam Promoted to Principal

by Andreas Stavropoulos, DFJ Partner

We are thrilled to announce Mohammad Islam’s well-deserved promotion to principal. It is in recognition of his tremendous effort and contributions to DFJ over the past three-plus years, and it reflects the great promise we see in him for the future.

The greatest praise I’ve heard offered about someone in a professional role is that “they make their colleagues better in everything that they do.” This describes Mo. He is dedicated and passionate about our work here at DFJ — he manages to be in the office and in the middle of every discussion thread, despite being enrolled full-time in the MBA program at Stanford GSB and taking deep learning classes to boot. He is also a frequent speaker at industry conferences where he discusses trends in artificial intelligence, genomics, and space — expertise that he’s honed both in frontier tech investing at DFJ and as a technical staff member at In-Q-Tel.

He is equally comfortable diving deep into technical due diligence on a wide array of disruptive technology investments, as well as providing insights into founders’ backgrounds and motivation. Most importantly, he is a sought-after investor by entrepreneurs even at this early stage in his career, as evidenced by his instrumental contributions (sourcing or ongoing oversight) around portfolio companies like Atomwise, Mythic, Yellowbrick, Zymergen, and others soon to be announced.

All of Mo’s hard work is bringing outside recognition as well. Mo was featured in the Forbes 2017 “30 under 30 Venture Capital” list, and he has been invited to co-author a book chapter addressing the disruption of employment by the rise of automation and artificial intelligence. Somehow, he manages not to let all this go to his head, and his humility and willingness to help and support the DFJ team is exemplary.

We are looking forward to Mo’s continued success within DFJ and feel proud to be his colleagues.