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by Jocelyn Kinsey, Principal, DFJ Growth

At DFJ Growth, we’ve been on the lookout for a comprehensive technology solution that can provide self-insured employers with improved visibility into their healthcare spend and a more efficient approach to managing the experience of employee participants. …

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Matt Carroll was serving as a US Army intelligence officer in Baghdad when he got his first inkling of the power of information.

Carroll, whose tour of duty in Iraq lasted between 2006 and 2009, recalled that “everything changed” when the military began to figure out how to make sense of the flood of seemingly disparate pieces of information flowing in over the transom each day. “It changed how we carried out counterinsurgency operations,” he said. …

By Josh Stein

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On behalf of the team at Threshold Ventures/DFJ, I am excited to congratulate Harry, Tom, and the team at Periscope Data — who today announced that they are merging with Sisense, a combination that will create the most complete and powerful platform for business intelligence (BI).

We first met Harry and Tom in early 2015, thanks to an introduction from Bubba Murarka. A series of conversations and meetings followed, until later that year when we proudly led Periscope Data’s Series A financing. I joined the board as the first outside director.

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Over the last three and a half years, it has been amazing to see the speed and crispness with which the Periscope Data team executed against their vision. The most obviously visible example would be growing its revenues by ~20x — but I think even more impressive was building an incredibly strong culture, one of the strongest I’ve seen as an investor, and one that was consistently called out both internally and externally for its clear values and focus on diversity and inclusion. …

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