Deon Venter used at least 143 websites to make a profit by amplifying white victimhood narratives

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Screenshot of headlines from Deon Venter’s southafricangenocide.com. (Source: southafricangenocide.com)

A network of racially charged websites used narratives of white victimhood in South Africa to turn a profit. The website domains are owned by a South African company called CoZaNic, operated by a man named Deon Venter.

Two of Venter’s most popular websites — SAUK Nuus and SA-News — both publish racist content. SA-News, which posts primarily in English, has an entire section of the website dedicated to an alleged genocide against white South Africans, while SAUK Nuus, which primarily posts in Afrikaans, focuses on farm murders. Venter also owns the domain southafricangenocide.com.

By using racial rhetoric and posting racist content, Venter was able to drive traffic to his multitude of websites. In doing so, he was able to either profit directly from advertisements or affiliate marketing, and indirectly by selling domains to the highest bidder. …

NEXTA Live and TUT.by shared unverified information, including a video apparently recorded to undermine their credibility

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Law enforcement officers detain a person participating in an unauthorized rally in Minsk, October 18, 2020. (Source: Reuters/Stringer/TASS)

Belarusian independent media outlet TUT.by and popular anti-Lukashenka Telegram channel NEXTA Live have occasionally spread misinformation that appeared credible at face value but turned out to be inaccurate. …



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