Populist politicians in Latvia shy away from COVID-19 vaccine disinformation they previously amplified

Latvian businessman and politician Ainars Slesers is seen on a screen as he delivers his speech during an election campaign event in Riga, May 28, 2009. (Source: REUTERS/Ints Kalnins)

Network of Georgian-language Facebook assets a potential sign of China’s “discourse power” aspirations in the Caucasus region

(Source: eagblog.ge/archive; whois.domaintools.com)

Militant government resumes practice despite promises for more lenient rules this time around

Taliban fighters pose on the hill of Wazir Akbar Khan, Kabul, October 12, 2021. (Source: Reuters/Alexandra Kovalskaya/TASS)

Promotion scheme uses clickbait TikTok ads and proxy external websites posting sensationalistic and sometimes misleading news content

Screengrab from a digital agency that boasts working with Telegram channels. The caption says, “Partners. We’re working with more than 150 Telegram channels with the total audience of more than 5 million users.” (Source: Telegram Agency/archive)

Belarusian government press releases accuse Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania of treating refugees and migrants inhumanely

Afghan refugees caught in a border standoff between Polish and Belarusian border patrols in Usnarz Gorny, Poland, 20 August, 2021. (Source: Reuters/STR/NurPhoto)

The DFRLab confirms the identity of Aleksander Voskanyan and his activities in Syria

(Source: Instagram, left; Skandinavisk Frihet/archive, right)

Multiple outlets promoted an automated captioning error by C-SPAN to embarrass the Ukrainian president

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin shakes hands with Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Taran as President Volodymyr Zelensky stands to the side. (Source: @ZelenskyyUA/archive)

ZAPAD21 exercises send tough message to Poland and Lithuania, employing made-up country maps and bombastic statements

Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka meets state security officials in Minsk on September 27, 2021, 10 days after the end of ZAPAD21. (Source: Maxim Guchek/BelTA/Handout via Reuters)

Video depicts a startled woman and child during the Namejs 2021 military exercise in central Riga

Freeze-frame images from the controversial video. The text reads, “Military training in Riga Center.” (Source: Vlad Kovin/archive)

September 7 rallies called for anti-democratic measures; at least two pages appear to be connected to larger organized networks

“Prison for Supreme Court” reads a placard during a rally in support of President Bolsonaro’s government on Brazil’s Independence Day. Tens of thousands of people have demonstrated in support of Bolsonaro with anti-democratic slogans. (Source: Reuters/DPA/Picture Alliance)


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