Newly geolocated social media footage suggests redeployment began prior to US-Russia negotiations in Geneva

Geolocation of military vehicles loading onto trains in Ulan-Ude, near Lake Baikal. The caption in Russian says, “Are we going?” (Source: TikTok, )

By Michael Sheldon

In the first weeks of January 2022, video footage emerged of military equipment moving westward by rail all throughout the Eastern Military District (MD) in Russia’s far east. The footage serves in stark contrast to previous video of Russian military movement, which most commonly was filmed in…

Twitter’s decision to deactivate trending topics in Ethiopia did not reduce the volume or toxicity of tweets about the civil war

A man holds the Ethiopian national flag in Addis Ababa’s Meskel Square during a pro-government rally to denounce what the organizers say is the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and Western countries’ interference in internal affairs of the country, November 7, 2021. (Source: REUTERS/Tiksa Negeri)

By Megan A. Brown and Tessa Knight

This piece first appeared in .

On November 6, 2021, Twitter it was halting trending topics in Ethiopia due to the ongoing threat of violence in the country, which has been embroiled in a year-long civil war. The escalating conflict…

OSINT reveals new Belarusian outpost near Ukrainian border, joint air patrols with the Russian Air Force near Lithuania

Orekhovo border outpost, constructed by Belarus near the Ukrainian border. (Source: /)

By Lukas Andriukaitis

Recently surfaced videos suggest that Belarus is constructing new outposts along its border with Ukraine, as they simultaneously conduct joint air patrols with Russia close to the Lithuanian border.

The current security situation between NATO and Russia is approaching a low point not been seen in decades…

Analysis of hashtags supporting both presidential candidates shows activity highly concentrated among a small percentage of accounts

A Chilean man places his vote in the ballot box during the second round of the presidential elections in Maipú, Chile on December 19, 2021. (Source: Reuters/Claudio Abarca Sandoval/NurPhoto)

By Esteban Ponce de León and Luiza Bandeira

An analysis of different hashtags supporting presidential candidates Gabriel Boric and José Antonio Kast ahead of Chile’s December 2021 presidential runoff showed that only a few accounts were responsible for most of the posts using them. …

False narratives underline dangers posed by disinformation as a means of stoking hostility between nuclear-armed neighbors

An Indian Army convoy moves along a highway leading to Ladakh, at Gagangeer in Kashmir’s Ganderbal district, June 18, 2020. (Source: REUTERS/Danish Ismail)

By Ayushman Kaul

The threat of the ongoing border dispute between India and China escalating into an active conflict between the nuclear-armed neighbors continues to large, despite months of sustained aimed at ameliorating tensions. As both sides continue to militarize disputed territory along their sides of the…

Russian policy document describes new procedures for the mass burial of corpses amidst rising tensions with Ukraine and NATO

Illustration from Russian policy document regarding procedures to bury large numbers of bodies. (Source: /)

By Lukas Andriukaitis

As Russia raises the stakes in security talks with the United States, the Kremlin released a document clarifying the norms of “urgent burial of corpses in wartime and peacetime.” …

China leverages its investment in the South African media space to push Beijing-approved narratives and conspiracies

(Source: /)

By Kenton Thibaut

From June through September 2021, China amplified Beijing-approved narratives and a conspiracy theory on the origin of COVID-19 in the local South African media space by leveraging its content exchange and syndication agreements with South African partner news organizations.

China’s actions in South Africa are part of…

Belarusian Telegram channel pushed inaccurate claim, leading to anti-Western coverage by Russian and Belarusian outlets

Screenshot from a Telegram video showing US M109 Paladin artillery systems on a westward train passing through a train station platform in Legnica, Poland. Text that accompanied the video inaccurately claimed the train was heading east. (Source: /)

By Givi Gigitashvili

A Belarusian pro-government Telegram channel published a misleading video allegedly showing a train loaded with US M109 Paladin artillery systems moving toward Poland’s border with Belarus. Multiple Russian and Belarusian pro-government outlets published articles based on the video and this assessment. …

A year of disinformation campaigns, troll farms, troop buildups, vaccine rumors and a failed insurrection

The US Capitol, January 6, 2021. (Source: Reuters/John Nacion/NurPhoto)

By Andy Carvin

This past year has been a blur for so many of us, especially due to the never-ending uncertainties of COVID-19. While 2021 may have felt like it passed by faster than 2020, that didn’t make it any less complicated.

At the DFRLab in 2021, we remained laser-focused…

Newly surfaced photos confirm a new statue commemorating Russian mercenaries in the heart of Bangui, CAR’s capital city

The newly unveiled statue in Bangui, Central African Republic. (Source: /)

By Lukas Andriukaitis

Recently surfaced photos reveal a new statue commemorating Russian mercenaries in Bangui, Central African Republic (CAR), the latest in a series of mercenary statues previously identified in Europe and the Middle East.

New open-source evidence reveals that Russian private military companies (PMCs) are continuing their soft power…


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