You are fooling yourself here if you really believe this.
Explain It For Me

“..fooling yourself..”

Here ya go , just to illuminate a bit on this claim.

“Her speeches to large banks came After she left her post as secretary of state: three speeches to Goldman Sachs in 2013 for $225,000 each, three speeches to UBS Bank of America for the same price, and a pair of addresses to Deutsche Bank for $225,000 and $260,000 each.

Sanders’ claims on Clinton’s speeches are true and well documented. But to suggest that her speeches — and their subsequent paychecks — influenced Clinton’s decision-making as a senator is false, since the paid speeches were delivered well after she left Capitol Hill.”


— Democratic debate: CNN’s Reality Check team vets the claims
By CNN’s Reality Check Team
Updated 9:59 AM ET, Fri April 15, 2016

Unfortunately for you, it’snot the only source out there either.

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