Ryan Macoubrie

Here’s one problem us Second amendment supporters have. You want to preserve peoples right by removing them from others. If you fully understood the second amendment you’d understand why civilians need AR-15’s. And stop believing everything you hear on TV, you can not buy a Gun anywhere in America without a background check unless you either A ;Have a concealed weapons permit, or B; go to a private seller, but private sellers on the internet have to ship through a licensed dealer who do a check, face to face is however a weak spot. Making peoples mental health records available for investigation to buy a firearm is also a violation of rights. So who’s rights are more important, who gets to decide and when does it stop? If you can come up with a way to preserve everyone's rights and not just the ones you like you’d run into a lot less resistance. Also if anti -gun politicians did not sound so stupid to the knowledgeable on the subject we could take them a little more seriously. But every time this happens they scramble to the podium and spew half truths and ignorance.

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